Lyme: Medical Insurers Cultivating Antibiotic Resistance in Govt-developed Bioweapon

Interesting coincidence that medical insurance companies are cultivating antibiotic-resistance in a US-developed bioweapon which was somehow released on the east coast.      And now this lab with a history of outbreaks has been moved to kansas.

This is the way satanists often operate, they create the conditions needed for others to carry out their plans, whether through incompetence, greed, rage or some other mechanism, without being aware of the plan.   ( legal and financial immunity for predatory lenders,  , atrocity-inducing conditions in iraq )   Social destabilization is a fertilizer for the disaster capitalism business model.   The last thing a disaster capitalist wants is social stability.

That’s what money can buy.  Paranoia you say?  You’re not paying attention.

Insurers Accused of Conspiring to Deny Lyme Disease Coverage

Twenty-eight people claim in a federal antitrust lawsuit that Lyme disease victims are being forced to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for treatment because health insurers are denying coverage with bogus guidelines established by their paid consultants, who falsely say the disease can always be cured with a month of antibiotics.

Suffering from migraine headaches, an irregular heartbeat, hearing problems and nerve pain, lead plaintiff Lisa Torrey says in the lawsuit filed Friday in Texarkana, Texas federal court that she visited 36 doctors, some of whom misdiagnosed her with multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia and said her symptoms “were all in her head,” before she was properly diagnosed with Lyme disease….

Torrey – represented by lead attorney Eugene Egdorf with Shrader & Associates in Houston – lays part of the blame for her lack of health insurance coverage on the Infectious Diseases Society of America, or IDSA, a medical association whose 11,000 members research diseases and lead panel discussions about them. IDSA also develops clinical practice guidelines.

Torrey claims in her lawsuit that several major health insurers decided in the 1990s that treating Lyme disease was too expensive and bad for their bottom lines, so they paid IDSA-affiliated doctors – who were researching, not treating, Lyme disease – to establish arbitrary guidelines in 2000 that said the disease could be treated with 28 days of antibiotics.

“These doctors knew that short term antibiotics of twenty-eight days failed to treat up to 40 percent of patients with Lyme disease. This means more than 100,000 Lyme disease patients every year would be untreated if the IDSA guidelines were followed,” the lawsuit states….

Truthstream: The Officially Ignored Link Between Lyme Disease and Plum Island

Jul 8, 2007
VVH-TV News Chief Investigative Reporter Karl Grossman interviews author Long Island native and lawyer Michael Christopher Carroll about his work “Lab 257”. This work takes us on a shocking journey inside the notorious Plum Island biological research facility. Carroll spent five years researching this highly detailed and powerful account of the secretive government installation that sits just off the coast of some of New York’s prime real estate, an installation that has had its share of meltdowns, mishaps and downright scary security breaches, including two known releases of deadly viruses into the air.
Owned by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Plum Island lies just off the coast of the North Fork of Long Island. This otherwise uninhabited, woodsy island has a long history of controversy and secrecy, as Carroll so intricately details, and just may have put the millions of residents of the Tri-State area in utter danger of exposure to fatal animal diseases, including Rift Valley fever, West Nile virus, and even anthrax, time and time again.
Lab 257 is a wake-up call to people to be more aware of what goes on in their own backyards. Labs like these exist all over the country, some more visible than others. Shoring up our crumbling biological research labs and accounting for the hundreds of vials of deadly viruses and microbes might be a better use of our time, our taxes and our energy. Plum Island, and its history of danger to millions of citizens, is proof of that indeed.
VVH-TV News attempted to have an interview with officials from the Department of Homeland Security but were denied.

Chronic Disease Center Militantly Ignorant of Sexually Transmitted Lyme Disease