Reprise: Lemonde Brands Corbett Report “Fake News”

A bit of tuesday morning humor.   But on a more analytical level, a little reflection shows that the least reliable sources of objective news would naturally be corporations, simply because their economic tendrils are hopelessly entangled in the status quo and their corporate charters  require them to be psychopathic (maximize shareholder value).   Please note I’m not making an ideological argument here.  Anyone with half a brain should be able to understand the truth of this argument regardless of their politics.   If you want real news, it’s a mathematical certainty that you won’t find it on the likes of CNN.   Gone are the days of competitive scooping that we had 50 years ago, before the rise of the media monopolies.

The internet is the last holdout of the renaissance that started with the invention of the printing press.   Use it or lose it.

LeMonde Brands Corbett Report “Fake News”

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