Election interference ALERT: Google / YouTube now blatantly trying to steal the 2018 elections

(Natural News) The realization is suddenly obvious: The Google / YouTube selective “censorship rampage” that has targeted conservative websites and content creators is a brazen, illegal scheme to interfere with U.S. elections and steal the 2018 mid-terms.

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The systematic silencing of conservative views is necessary, of course, for Democrats to win enough seats to gain control of the U.S. House of Representatives after the mid-term elections. Once control is established, Democrats will immediately move to impeach President Trump. Although the Senate would not likely prosecute that impeachment, the mere achievement of the U.S. House declaring “impeachment” would be enough to convince most brainwashed news consumers that Trump is somehow a guilty criminal (nobody will remember that Bill Clinton was also impeached by the House). From there, the 2020 presidential election is also stolen, and Democrats land their selected tyrant in the White House just in time for Ginsberg’s retirement from SCOTUS…..


Mommy, aren’t corporations just people?

No Jimmy, corporations are constructed of people (and legal fictions) but they are a form of emergent AI intelligence based on legally constructed and enforced psychopathy via maximization of share value to the exclusion of all else, and the principle of limited liability for harm.   It’s very similar to how human bodies are constructed of protein and must consume protein for survival.

We are all meat to our corporate overlords, who must constantly monitor the herd and prevent stampedes and other mass movements which interfere with the harvest.   They might as well be alien invaders who are obsessed with terraforming the planet to their liking.

Don’t tell your Uncle Sam what I said ok?   He still believes corporations are the epitome of evolution instead of an aberrant infection of the human culture which will ultimately destroy all the fruits of evolution.

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