Al Gore’s Credibility on “Global Warming”

Gore’s hockey stick speech was pivotal in regimenting popular opinion on “human caused global warming” because the vast majority of people don’t have the time to investigate the science, the institutional backing, the elite planning, the lucrative business opportunities and the inevitably tyrannical and genocidal implications of the AGW theory and its proposed solutions.

But it doesn’t take an extreme attention to detail to see the contradictions in the establishment’s obsession with CO2 and its blithe disregard for obvious environmental catastrophes like standard industrial pollution, GMO’s and radioactive contamination, or the essential role of the CO2 cycle in maintaining human and plant life and civilization, as compared to the obvious destructiveness caused by the other effluents. What’s up with that?   Is it possible that our invisible overlords have managed to dress up yet another social engineering atrocity in the garb of mom and apple pie?  Well now, isn’t that what they always do?

One strategy for seeing beyond propaganda is to investigate the reliability of its spokespeople.   It turns out that Gore peddled his polished TV persona in an unrelated matter years before.   Perot was right, and in retrospect, someone with Gore’s education and background would have known that his position was wrong:

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