US is Executing a Global War Plan

Washington is moving inevitably on a global war plan. That’s the grim conclusion one has to draw from three unfolding war scenarios.

Ultimately, it’s about American imperialism trying to assert hegemony over the international order for the benefit of US capitalism. Russia and China are prime targets for this global assault.

The three unfolding war scenarios are seen in Syria, North Korea and Ukraine. These are not disparate, disassociated conflicts. They are inter-related expressions of the American war plans. War plans which involve the moving of strategic military power into position.

Last week’s massacre of over 100 Syrian government forces by American warplanes near Deir ez-Zor was an audacious overt assault by the US on the Syrian state. The US, along with other NATO allies, have been up to now waging a seven-year proxy war for regime change against Russia’s ally, President Assad. The massacre last week was certainly not the first time that US forces, illegally present in Syria, have attacked the Syrian army. But it seems clearer than ever now that American forces are operating on the overt agenda for regime change. US troops are transparently acting like an occupation army, challenging Russia and its legally mandated support for the Syrian state.

Heightening international concerns are multiple reports that Russian military contractors were among the casualties in the US-led air strike near Deir ez-Zor last week.

Regarding North Korea, Washington is brazenly sabotaging diplomatic efforts underway between the respective Korean leaderships in Pyongyang and Seoul. While this inter-Korean dialogue has been picking up positive momentum, the US has all the while been positioning nuclear-capable B-52 and B-2 bombers in the region, along with at least three aircraft carriers. The B-2s are also reportedly armed with 14-tonne bunker-buster bombs – the largest non-nuclear warhead in the American arsenal, designed to destroy North Korean underground missile silos and “decapitate” the Pyongyang leadership of Kim Jong-un.

American vice-president Mike Pence, while attending the Winter Olympics in South Korea, opening last week, delivered a blunt war message. He said that the recent detente between North Korea and US ally South Korea will come to an end as “soon as the Olympic flame is extinguished” – when the games close later this month. This US policy of belligerence completely upends Russia and China’s efforts to facilitate inter-Korean peace diplomacy.

Meanwhile, the situation in Eastern Ukraine looks decidedly grim for an imminent US-led invasion of the breakaway Donbas region. Pentagon military inspectors have in the past week reportedly arrived along the Contact Zone that separates the US-backed Kiev regime forces and the pro-Russian separatists of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics. Donetsk’s military commander Eduard Basurin warned that the arrival of Pentagon and other NATO military advisors from Britain and Canada indicate that US-armed Kiev forces are readying for a renewed assault on the Donbas ethnic Russian population.

Even the normally complacent observers of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), charged with monitoring a nominal ceasefire along the Contact Zone, have lately begun reporting serious advancement of heavy weapons by the Kiev forces – in violation of the 2015 Minsk Peace Accord.

If the US-led Kiev forces proceed with the anticipated offensive next month in Donbas there are real fears for extreme civilian casualties. Such “ethnic cleansing” of Russian people by Kiev regime forces that openly espouse Neo-Nazi ideology would mostly likely precipitate a large-scale intervention by Moscow as a matter of humanitarian defense. Perhaps that is what the US planners are wagering on, which can then be portrayed by the dutiful Western news media as “another Russian aggression”.

US-based political analyst Randy Martin says: “It is undeniable that Washington is on a war footing in three global scenarios. Preparation for war is in fact war.”

He added: “You have to also consider the latest Nuclear Posture Review published by the Pentagon earlier this month. The Pentagon is openly declaring that it views Russia and China as targets, and that it is willing to use nuclear force to contest conventional wars and what the Pentagon deems to be asymmetric aggression.”…

Ex-CIA Director Thinks US Hypocrisy About Election Meddling Is Hilarious

Take off the terrorist’s mask, and it’s the CIA. Take off the revolutionary’s mask, and it’s the CIA. Take off the Hollywood producer’s mask, and it’s the CIA. Take off the billionaire tech plutocrat’s mask, and it’s the CIA. Take off the news man’s mask, and guess what? It’s themotherfucking CIA.

CIA influence is everywhere. Anywhere anything is happening which could potentially interfere with the interests of America’s unelected power establishment, whether inside the US or outside, the depraved, lying, torturing, propagandizing, drug trafficking, coup-staging, warmongering CIA has its fingers in it.

Which is why its former director made a cutesy wisecrack and burst out laughing when asked if the US is currently interfering in other democracies.

Fox’s Laura Ingraham unsurprisingly introduced former CIA Director James Woolsey as “an old friend” in a recent interview about Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s indictment of 13 alleged members of a Russian troll farm, in which Woolsey unsurprisingly talked about how dangerous Russian “disinformation” is and Ingraham unsurprisingly said that everyone should really be afraid of China. What was surprising, though, was what happened at the end of the interview.

“Have we ever tried to meddle in other countries’ elections?” Ingraham asked in response to Woolsey’s Russia remarks.

“Oh, probably,” Woolsey said with a grin. “But it was for the good of the system in order to avoid the communists from taking over. For example, in Europe, in ’47, ’48, ’49, the Greeks and the Italians we CIA-”

“We don’t do that anymore though?” Ingraham interrupted. “We don’t mess around in other people’s elections, Jim?”

Woolsey smiled and said said “Well…”, followed by a joking incoherent mumble, adding, “Only for a very good cause.”

And then they both laughed.

They laughed about this. They thought it was funny and cute. They thought it was funny and cute that the very allegation being used to manufacture support for world-threatening new cold war escalations against a nuclear superpower was something they both knew the United States does constantly, usually through Woolsey’s own CIA.

The US government’s own data shows that it has deliberately meddled in the elections of 81 foreign governments between 1946 and 2000, including Russia in the nineties. That isn’t even counting the coups and regime changes it facilitated, including right here in my home Australia in the seventies.

The US meddles constantly in other democracies, not “for a good cause” as Woolsey claims, but to advance the agendas of the loosely allied plutocrats, intelligence and defense agencies which comprise America’s permanent government. It does this not to improve or protect the lives of ordinary Americans, but to make the rich richer and the powerful more powerful, usually at the expense of the money, resources, homes, governments, livelihoods and lives of people in other countries. It does this with impunity and without hesitation.

And now we are in the middle of a steadily escalating new cold war between two nuclear superpowers, all under the extremely flimsy pretense of punishing Russia for its alleged election meddling but really to cripple the Russia-China tandem and prevent the rise of a potential rival superpower.

This is not cute. This is not funny. This is endangering the life of every terrestrial organism to advance the power-hungry geopolitical agendas of the US-centralized empire. Stop giggling, you fucking freaks. We see you.

I guess it’s funny if you can get away with it.  Typical bullying behavior.  But awake american peasants should not think it’s funny since it’s one more tributary into the growing flood of reasons for the rest of the world to ditch the US dollar as quickly as possible.

Here’s what the CIA did “for the good of the system” in italy and greece post WWII.

And what it’s been doing since  the collapse of the USSR and the looting of the region, when they’re not importing cocaine and opium by the boatload into the USA and europe.

Rogue CIA has its own Foreign Policy

Inside sources expose a small group of high-level bureaucrats within the State Department and the CIA that have been sabotaging the Trump-Pence White House directive on efforts for the release of Pastor Andrew Brunson, who has been jailed in Turkey due to his alleged connection to Gulen Network’s failed coup attempt in Turkey in 2016.


Microwave weapons used against US embassy personnel in Cuba

Doctors find neurological injuries among US diplomats in Cuba, but the cause remains a mystery

  • U.S. government personnel serving in Cuba appear to have “widespread” neurological damage, according to doctors working for the State Department.
  • The diplomats’ symptoms, possibly caused by “sonic attacks,” lasted for days and weeks after exposure.
  • Symptoms include memory problems, mental fogginess, impaired concentration, irritability, sadness and nervousness.

Doctors investigating “sonic attacks” against U.S. embassy staff in August have concluded that government personnel serving in Cuba appear to have “widespread” neurological damage.

Doctors from the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine found in a preliminary study that “these individuals appeared to have sustained injury to widespread brain networks without an associated history of head trauma.”

Eighteen out of 21 individuals evaluated by the doctors reported hearing a “novel, localized sound” in their homes and hotel rooms in Havana. The sound was likened to “buzzing, grinding metal, piercing squeals, and humming” and lasted anywhere from 10-second pulses to more than 30 minutes long. Affected individuals perceived this sound as “directional, intensely loud, and with pure and sustained tonality.”

Patients also associated the sound with a “pressure-like sensory stimuli” described as “air ‘baffling’ inside a moving car with the windows partially rolled down.”

Both the sound and sensory stimuli seemed to stem from a distinct direction. In fact, after changing locations, patients said the sensation disappeared and associated symptoms went away.

All but one of the patients “reported an immediate onset of neurological symptoms” when exposed to the sound, according to the report.

The cause of the symptoms has not yet been identified, and it’s still unclear how the noises are related to the patients’ reported symptoms.

“It appears that we have identified a new syndrome that may have important public health implications,” said Dr. Douglas Smith, the study’s senior author and director of Penn’s Center for Brain Injury and Repair, in a statement….

[the patient’s] symptoms were made worse by physical exertion and cardiovascular exercise….

Leave it to doctors to find new ways to expand medical turf.   Anyway, it’s not a new syndrome and of course it has important public health implications, but only for targeted individuals.   It is a microwave audio-to-skull weapon , widely deployed by the US intelligence mafia for harassment and experimentation on americans , and now seemingly used to further chill US-cuban diplomatic relations outside of normal washington bluster.   The attacks started just after the last presidential election.   No attempt was made to to be covert about this.  Anyone with knowledge of microwave weapons would know immediately what was happening.  There seems to be a conflict going on between the US state dept and US intel agencies.

Increased blood-brain barrier permeability in mammalian brain 7 days after exposure to the radiation from a GSM-900 mobile phone


… Our group has earlier shown that the electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile phones alters the permeability of the blood-brain barrier (BBB), resulting in albumin extravasation immediately and 14 days after 2h of exposure. In the background section of this report, we present a thorough review of the literature on the demonstrated effects (or lack of effects) of microwave exposure upon the BBB. Furthermore, we have continued our own studies by investigating the effects of GSM mobile phone radiation upon the blood-brain barrier permeability of rats 7 days after one occasion of 2h of exposure. Forty-eight rats were exposed in TEM-cells for 2h at non-thermal specific absorption rates (SARs) of 0mW/kg, 0.12mW/kg, 1.2mW/kg, 12mW/kg and 120mW/kg. Albumin extravasation over the BBB, neuronal albumin uptake and neuronal damage were assessed. Albumin extravasation was enhanced in the mobile phone exposed rats as compared to sham controls after this 7-day recovery period (Fisher’s exact probability test, p=0.04 and Kruskal-Wallis, p=0.012), at the SAR-value of 12mW/kg (Mann-Whitney, p=0.007) and with a trend of increased albumin extravasation also at the SAR-values of 0.12mW/kg and 120mW/kg. There was a low, but significant correlation between the exposure level (SAR-value) and occurrence of focal albumin extravasation (r(s)=0.33; p=0.04). The present findings are in agreement with our earlier studies where we have seen increased BBB permeability immediately and 14 days after exposure….

Increased cell wall permeability would account for worsening of symptoms under physical exertion (higher blood pressure).    Note the apparent resonant amplitude (as opposed to resonant frequency) peaking at 12mW/kg.  This has been seen before.


In late 2016, US government personnel serving in Havana, Cuba, began presenting to their embassy medical unit after experiencing unusual auditory and/or sensory stimuli of variable intensity and character, with associated onset of varied neurological manifestations. Initial signs and symptoms pointed toward injury of the auditory system, leading to the establishment of a triage program at the University of Miami centered around otolaryngology evaluation. Eighty embassy community members underwent initial evaluation between February and April 2017, and 16 individuals were identified with similar exposure history and a constellation of neurological signs and symptoms commonly seen following mild traumatic brain injury, also referred to as concussion.1 Exposures continued with time and 8 additional individuals were identified who had similar findings. The US Department of State, Bureau of Medical Services, subsequently convened an expert panel in July 2017, which came to consensus that the triage findings were most likely related to neurotrauma from a nonnatural source and recommended that further investigation into this novel cluster of findings was necessary….

Results  Of 24 individuals with suspected exposure identified by the US Department of State, 21 completed multidisciplinary evaluation an average of 203 days after exposure. Persistent symptoms (>3 months after exposure) were reported by these individuals including cognitive (n = 17, 81%), balance (n = 15, 71%), visual (n = 18, 86%), and auditory (n = 15, 68%) dysfunction, sleep impairment (n = 18, 86%), and headaches (n = 16, 76%). Objective findings included cognitive (n = 16, 76%), vestibular (n = 17, 81%), and oculomotor (n = 15, 71%) abnormalities. Moderate to severe sensorineural hearing loss was identified in 3 individuals. Pharmacologic intervention was required for persistent sleep dysfunction (n = 15, 71%) and headache (n = 12, 57%). Fourteen individuals (67%) were held from work at the time of multidisciplinary evaluation. Of those, 7 began graduated return to work with restrictions in place, home exercise programs, and higher-level work-focused cognitive rehabilitation….

Research on Magnesium and Voltage Gated Calcium Channels (EMF Sensitivity)

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