Afghanistan War Spending, In 2018 Alone, Could End US Homelessness—TWICE

Defense Department officials are claiming that the cost of the United States’ longest war in history will be $45 billion in 2018, which is actually double to estimate of what it would cost to end homelessness in the U.S. annually.

Randall Schriver, the assistant secretary of Defense for Asian and Pacific security affairs, said that he expects the Afghanistan war to cost American taxpayers $45 billion this year, which in addition to logistical support, will include about $13 billion for U.S. forces, $5 billion for Afghan forces, and $780 million for economic aid.

Schriver made the announcement during the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Tuesday. Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan also spoke, and said he believes the United States’ policy “acknowledges that there isn’t a military solution or a complete solution.”

“I understand it’s America’s longest war, but our security interests in Afghanistan, in the region are significant enough … to back the Afghan government in their struggle against the Taliban,” Sullivan said. …

Well HECK that’s a bargain!  It probably cost twice that much to indoctrinate, ( ) finance, arm and train the mujahedeen who morphed into the whole muslim fundamentalist movement from which the taliban sprang.  And who else could they get to take the fall for the 9/11 false flag?  Only  a clueless puppet of western bankers would willingly volunteer their homes and villages as targets of western drones in made-for-TV spectacles to be provided for western taxpayers in the comfort of their living rooms, for the sake of “making a stand” against their actual benefactors.

There’s humor buried in there somewhere, under all the bodies.    It would be the stuff of TV comedy, if only it was fiction.

And we sure showed those russkies didn’t we?

Yessir, I definitely feel like I’m part of the empire.  Just as much a pawn but hopefully not quite as ignorant as ISIS.

Can anyone seriously doubt that the central banks are controlled by satanists?