Russiagate Running out of Stupid People: Adam Schiff a Last Holdout

According to California Congressman Adam Schiff, those pesky Russians are using bots to promote the second amendment with an ultimate goal of having Americans ‘kill each other.’…

Of course the satanists want us disarmed so that they can better protect us from the russians.

ALERT: Super Bowl Anomaly: Security Firm Fired

Super Bowl Live security firm fired after not conducting proper background checks

Background checks of workers at Super Bowl Live raise questions. Others providing security Friday night said they were unaware of the firing.

The Minneapolis-based firm that was providing security at Super Bowl Live was replaced Wednesday for insufficient background checks of its employees, according to sources familiar with the situation.

The Super Bowl Host Committee replaced EPG Security Group with G4S, another Twin Cities firm, sources said Friday.

Host committee spokeswoman Andrea Mokros declined to provide information about how the problem was discovered, how many EPG employees were involved or what their duties were.

But Minneapolis police Lt. Bob Kroll said that the site that EPG was guarding was left shorthanded after several of its officers were yanked away by federal authorities. Mokros declined to comment on that characterization.

Super Bowl Live on Nicollet Mall between 6th and 12th streets is the showcase event produced by the host committee, consuming a major chunk of the $52 million they say they have raised in private funds. More than 100,000 visitors were expected at the event, which has seen good crowds for nightly concerts and activities.

There have been no significant security problems with the event that started Jan. 26 and goes through Sunday….

G4S Secure Solutions is a United States/ British-based security services company, and a subsidiary of G4S plc. It was founded as The Wackenhut Corporation in 1954…

According to Michael Riconosciuto: [1]

Wackenhut provides security for the Nevada nuclear test site, the Alaskan pipeline, Lawrence Livermore Labs … all the high security government facilities in the U.S. They have about fifty thousand armed security guards that work for minimum wage or slightly above.

According to retired FBI special agent William Hinshaw: [2]

“It is known throughout the industry that if you want a dirty job done, call Wackenhut.”…

Iran-Contra period

Board of Directors:

  • Stansfield Turner – former CIA director
  • Clarence Kelley – former FBI director
  • Frank Carlucci – former CIA deputy director
  • Bobby Ray Inman – former CIA deputy director
  • James Joseph Rowley – former Secret Service director
  • William Casey – outside legal counsel
  • Clarence M Kelley – former FBI director
  • Willis Hawkins – former Assistant Secretary of the US Army
  • Paul X. Kelley – retired four-star general, U.S. Marine Corps
  • Seth McKee, former commander in chief of NORAD
  • Bernard Adolph Schriever – retired US Air Force General, former member of the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board
  • Joseph Carroll, former director, Defense Intelligence Agency
  • John Ammarell – former FBI agent
  • Robert Chasen – former FBI agent, commissioner of US Customs Department under Carter

Inside the Shadow CIA

What? A big private company – one with a board of former CIA, FBI and Pentagon officials; one in charge of protecting Nuclear-Weapons facilities, nuclear reactors, the Alaskan oil pipeline and more than a dozen American embassies abroad; one with long-standing ties to a radical ring-wing organization; one with 30,000 men and women under arms – secretly helped IRAQ in its effort to obtain sophisticated weapons?

And fueled unrest in Venezuela?

This is all the plot of a new best-selling thriller, right? Or the ravings of some overheated conspiracy buff, right?



In the WINTER OF 1990, David Ramirez, a 24 year-old member of the Special Investigations Division of the Wackenhut Corporation, was sent by his superiors on an unusual mission.

Ramirez a former Marine Corps sergeant based in Miami, was told to fly immediately to San Antonio along with three other members of SID-a unit, known as founder and chairman George Wackenhut’s “private FBI,” that provided executive protection and conducted undercover investigations and sting operations. Once they arrived, they rented two gray Ford Tauruses and drove four hours to a desolate town on the Mexican border called Eagle Pass.

There, just after dark, they met two truck drivers who had been flown in from Houston. Inside a nearby warehouse was an 18 -wheel tractor-trailer, which the two truck drivers and the four Wackenhut agents in their rented cars were supposed to transport to Chicago.

“My instructions were very clear,” Ramirez recalls. “Do not look into the trailer, secure it, and make sure it safely gets to Chicago.”

It went without saying that no one else was supposed to look in the trailer, either, which is why the Wackenhut men were armed with fully loaded Remington 870 pump-action shotguns.

The convoy drove for 30 hours straight, stopping only for gas and food. Even then, one of the Wackenhut agents had to stay with the truck, standing by one of the cars, its trunk open, shotgun within easy reach.

“Whenever we stopped, I bought a shot glass with the name of the town on it,” Ramirez recalls. “I have glasses from Oklahoma City, Kansas City, St. Louis.”

A little before 5:00 on the morning of the third day, they delivered the trailer to a practically empty warehouse outside Chicago.

A burly man who had been waiting for them on the loading dock told them to take off the locks and go home, and that was that. They were on a plane back to Miami that afternoon. Later Ramirez’s superiors told him-as they told other SID agents about similar midnight runs-that the trucks contained $40 million worth of food stamps. After considering the secrecy, the way the team was assembled and the orders not to stop or open the truck, Ramirez decided he didn’t believe that explanation.

Neither do we. One reason is simple: A Department of Agriculture official simply denies that food stamps are shipped that way. “Someone is blowing smoke,” he says.

Another reason is that after a six-month investigation, in the course of which we spoke to more than 300 people, we believe we know what the truck did contain-equipment necessary for the manufacture of chemical weapons – and where it was headed: to Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.

And the Wackenhut Corporation – a publicly traded company with strong ties to the CIA and federal contracts worth $200 million a year – was making sure Saddam would be getting his equipment intact….