War on Raw Milk is About Economic Domination, not Health

The claimed health concerns about raw milk are a smokescreen to justify what amounts to a subsidy to large producers, which have unavoidably dirty production conditions, delays in delivery and unhealthy cows which would guarantee a high rate of sour milk at the grocery, if not for the use of expensive pasteurization equipment that small local producers can’t afford and generally don’t need. The loss of nutritive value due to pasteurization is just a bonus for the luciferians, whose agenda is obviously to make us weak and dependent on metasin and pharmacorpse for our survival. Political control requires the elimination of better alternatives. But better alternatives abound in everything from nutrition to education to medicine to the monetary system. The current state of imposed scarcity and social dysfunction is a monument to the power of propaganda and financial manipulation to funnel vast fortunes out of highly efficient, humane, sustainable, distributed, democratic local economies into the coffers of centralized luciferian-controlled pathologies.

Fresh raw milk, only a few hours old, is light years from what you can find at the grocery. And it sustains local farms which makes for viable local, efficient, self-sustaining, largely solar powered food economies. The opposite of the nightmare that we’re being ushered into, where our very means of agricultural production is turning vast swathes of farmland into a toxic bio-desert.

Do you know where your money goes? Better start supporting the place and the people where you live. Sustainable economics is all about monetary recycling.

This bust is about controlling the small dairy farms and small co ops, and making it very difficult, expensive and complicated to supply real, raw and untreated food to the public.

Colostrum: Another Reason for the War on Raw Milk

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