The Takeover: Totally crazy unsubstantiated rumor that might well be absolutely true

I don’t generally post isolated unsubstantiated claims but the fact is that this guy’s story is not isolated and it’s not uncorroborated.

The evidence for a planned demolition of this country and most of the rest of the west is everywhere around us.   The economy is the lifeblood of any country and our economy has quite obviously been set up for a catastrophe.   In only 30 years or so the USA has gone from unchallenged economic superpower to where we are today.  Simultaneously medicine is waging a brutal war against our children via vaccines, genital mutilation, obsetrical abuse and psych drugs.  Real food is getting hard to come by.  The drinking water is contaminated with a synergistically neurotoxic chemical.   The sky is full of chemical trails for god’s sake.  Is it really necessary to point all this out?  Something serious is afoot and you really have to be in seriously neurotic denial to claim otherwise.

I was trained as a scientist and real scientists admit their own ignorance and follow empirical evidence wherever it leads, and then try to construct a self-consistent model that explains the known data.   I believe I have some glimmer of insight into the mindset of the torturers and mass murderers who seem to be pulling the strings in washington, and a plausible explanation for it.

The inability of normal people to understand them accounts for a large part of their invisibility as an organized group.   What I know is some small part of of what they have done in my lifetime, and one plausible business model for how they recruit normal people into their organization.  It speaks of an evil which transcends human intention.   An inter-generational plague of mental and emotional sewage which has infected the highest levels of virtually every last bastion of authority in this society, from medicine to politics to economics to theology to hollywood to the MSM.

I think I can claim with some confidence that we have not arrived at this juncture by accident.

This guy’s report on the intention of this group of actors (or rather, the intention of the “demons” which control them, for want of a better word) is corroborated by Kerth Barker’s testimony on this site and ,  by the video affidavit of Paul Bonacci at the bottom of ,  MK-Ultra survivor Cathy Obrien’s book “Trance Formation of America” as well as others such as Kay Griggs , Ronald Bernard   and numerous others.  These people are certainly audacious.  Why not?  They are wolves in the midst of a flock of sheep.

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These next articles get to the crux of the issue that we concentrate on here at TCR: the war against american children and how it manifests in the adults they become. Of course war is being waged on all children, but america is a special case due to its remaining military power. If they can control the pentagon, the whole world is screwed.

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