President Trump: Avoid The ‘Dangerous’ Flu Shot at All Costs

I (Patricia), as well, have never had the flu nor a flu shot. The bloodstream is designed to be a pristine environment.  Why would I want to put toxic substances into that beautifully designed system?

President Trump has warned the American public to avoid the flu shot at all costs, boasting that he has never caught the flu because he has always avoided the ‘dangerous’ vaccine.

FBI Director Wray “Shocked To His Core” By FISA Memo

FBI Director Christopher Wray was allegedly “shocked to his core” after viewing the four-page FISA memo Sunday night – hours before asking Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe to step down, according to journalist Sara Carter.

Hannity sat down once again with journalist Sara Carter, whose sources say McCabe may have instructed FBI agents to alter their “302” forms – the paperwork an agent files after interviewing someone:

Carter said that McCabe “quitting” is just the beginning, and that more resignations will be coming.

As we reported yesterday, McCabe was “removed” from his post as deputy director, “leaving the bureau after months of conflict-of-interest complaints from Republicans including President Trump.” Several media outlets reported that McCabe is using his remaining vacation days to go on “terminal leave” and that his official retirement from the agency won’t happen until March, allowing him to collect the full pension.

And as we noted last week, FBI Director Wray threatened to resign after being pressured by AG Jeff Sessions.

Around the time of the reports of his impending retirement, McCabe had spent several marathon sessions answering questions from Congressional committees behind closed doors.

It was expected that McCabe would hang on until early March, when he would become eligible for his full pension. It’s unclear why he’s choosing to step down early.

McCabe’s accelerated resignation may a sign that Trump appointee Christopher Wray – who succeeded James Comey as FBI Director – is finally cleaning house. 

According to Axios, McCabe may be leaving in anticipation of the release of an inspector general’s report on how the FBI handled the Clinton email investigation.

Mnuchin’s Weak Dollar Comment Was A Bankster Bomb

A week after Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin unleashed FX vol chaos when he said in Davos that “a weaker dollar is good for us as it relates to trade and opportunities”, which spread to the bond market and most recently to stocks, Mnuchin was on the tape again moments ago, and during a hearing at the Senate Banking Committee in DC., the former Goldmanite said that he “absolutely supports a strong dollar over the long term”, adding that “I strongly support we have a free currency market that we don’t intervene in.”

As for the key issue, namely day to day fluctuations in the USD, Mnuchin said that the short-term level of dollar “is not a concern.”

Mnuchin also said that his comments on dollar in Davos “were blown out of proportion by media” and were in no way “intended to talk down dollar.”

In response, there was a modest knee jerk reaction higher in USD with USDJPY rising above 108.80 briefly, and the BBDXY bouncing but it has been a controlled reaction as the market has learned to ignore the Mnuchin “noise.”

Finally, discussing the upcoming federal debt-ceiling negotiation, Mnuchin says “we are very open to bipartisan solutions to figure out something as an alternative to the current system, which I think many of us would agree doesn’t work very well.”

Good luck with that, especially if the government is shut down in the weeks leading into the debt ceiling X-Date, after which the US government will be officially in technical default.

Friends don’t let friends believe that the impending crash hasn’t been decades in the making.  Trump has been set up to take the fall in yet another false flag.   Nationalize the fed.

Johnstone: The Neocon Left and the Russia Narrative

Do you want to know the secret for 100 percent guaranteeing that you will always be on the right side of history for every single foreign policy debate? It takes three very simple steps:

Step One: Pick any disputed issue of foreign policy.

Step Two: Find out what the dominant neoconservative think tanks are saying about it.

Step Three: Advocate the exact opposite position with confidence and authority.

It will work every single time. Neoconservative thought leaders like Bill Kristol have been on the wrong side of history on every single controversial foreign policy issue without exception and have been a driving force behind every disastrous US military intervention in recent memory. The military violence they push for at every opportunity never, ever plays out how they say it will and never accomplishes what they claim it will accomplish, and every single time they blame the failure of the actions they advocated on poor execution by whatever leadership happened to have been in place at the time.

It’s become such a widely recognized phenomenon that even Fox’s Tucker Carlson suggested to neocon Max Boot in a July interview that he “choose a different profession. Selling insurance. House painting. Something you’re good at.” These people are always wrong, always destructive, and always, always employed. If you love being perpetually wrong and well-paid, become a neocon pundit.

A couple of interesting articles have come out recently which highlight the extremely uncomfortable reality that it is impossible to shake a stick at the establishment Russia narrative without hitting a warmongering neoconservative think tank. Given that these people are so consistently wrong about everything, the fact that they are playing an instrumental role in manufacturing support for new cold war escalations with a nuclear superpower should make everyone a lot less eager to swallow the establishment narrative about what’s going on with Russia.

A new article from Disobedient Media titled “Meet The Cabal That Are Framing Domestic American Activism As ‘Russian Influence’ And ‘Fake News’” shines a much-needed spotlight on the neocon think tank Alliance For Securing Democracy, which has been cited over and over and over again by mainstream news outlets recently as a reliable source of authority on all matters pertaining to Russia’s alleged interference in US democracy. Their assertions about Russia get advanced as unquestionable facts by these outlets, and before you know it everyday Americans are surrounded by screens chiming in unison that there is a hostile foreign power aggressively working to control their minds.

The problem, of course, is that this extremely influential think tank is chock full of neocons, war hawks and deep state cronies. The article details the toxic talent lineup behind this operation including Kristol, Michael Chertoff, Michael McFaul, and Michael Morell. These men have all been consistently on the wrong side of history regarding foreign policy issues and have built punditry careers advocating horrific things; Morell for example advocated the covert slaughter of Iranians and Russians in Syria not long ago on national television. As the article’s pseudonymous author Adam Carter notes, the process by which this organization reaches its findings is fundamentally secretive and could easily be manipulated to conclude whatever these psychopaths want.

Want to try some quick citizens’ journalism? Do a Google search for “Alliance For Securing Democracy”, click “news”, and document how many mainstream outlets have cited this pernicious warmongering think tank in recent weeks. These people are shaping the way Americans think and vote, and they all have the same neoconservative goal: manufacturing public support for escalations with Russia, with the ultimate goal of crippling the Russia-China tandem and securing the global dominance of the US power establishment.

Another new article originally published by Washington’s Blog and now republished by Consortiumnews takes things even further with a screen shot the author claims comes from a “passive scan” of the site, the extremely secretive outlet which, with the help of the oligarch-owned Washington Post, helped inflame the moral panic about Russian propaganda. The article’s author George Eliason’s claims link PropOrNot to the Atlantic Council, which is, you guessed it, a neocon think tank.

Eliason explains how the Atlantic Council is tied intimately to Ukrainian intelligence, which wouldn’t be the first time PropOrNot was linked to Ukraine. This article from AlterNet by Mark Ames shows using publicly available information that prior to being thrust into the national spotlight by WaPo, PropOrNot was displaying loyalties to Ukrainian fascist groups.

The Atlantic Council is also tied to Crowdstrike, the private cyber security company whose testimony forms the entire foundation of the allegation that Russia hacked the Democratic party and gave exfiltrated documents to WikiLeaks in 2016.

“In lieu of substantive evidence provided to the public that the alleged hacks which led to Wikileaks releases of DNC and Clinton Campaign Manager John Podesta’s emails were orchestrated by the Russian Government,” wrote journalist Michael Sainato back in March of last year, “CrowdStrike’s bias has been cited as undependable in its own assessment, in addition to its skeptical methods and conclusions. The firm’s CTO and co-founder, Dmitri Alperovitch, is a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, a think tank with openly anti-Russian sentiments that is funded by Ukrainian billionaire Victor Pinchuk, who also happened to donate at least $10 million to the Clinton Foundation.”

Speaking of neocons and Ukrainian fascists, remember that time John McCain hung out with Oleh Tyahnybok?

Trace the threads of the establishment Russia narrative to their source, and you’ll always run smack dab into the middle of a neocon think tank. You’ll also run into a lot of hawkish Ukrainians, since they share the same anti-Russian agendas as the neocons have, thus making them the same kind of allies of convenience as McCain’s “moderate rebels” in Syria. Neocons form alliances with extremist groups, oligarchs, intelligence agencies, and anyone else who will help them advance their bloodthirsty agendas of chaos and destabilization. It’s what they do. Because they are evil.

Are these the people we want steering the ship and shaping the way the public and their elected representatives think about potentially world-ending escalations with a nuclear superpower? I think not.

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Vaccine Program: Betrayal of Public Trust & Institutional Corruption—Part 3 of 7

Note from the WMP Team:  Following is Part Three in Vera Sharav’s seven-part exposé of the complex and widespread corruption that exists in the vaccination program including collusion of public health officials to deceive the public, the “willful blindness” by the medical community and the callous disregard for the plight of thousands of children who suffer irreversible harm. Sharav’s research is a must-read by those in our community.

The Brighton Collaboration Was Established To Lend an Air Of “Authority” To Centrally Controlled Vaccine Safety Assessments, Controlled Research, & “Knowledge Management”

The Brighton Collaboration — and the Brighton Collaboration Foundation (established in 2003) — is an integral part of an elaborate international network of institutions promoting high vaccine utilization.

This “authoritative” consortium exerts extraordinary influence on vaccination policies worldwide and ensures that vaccine safety assessments enhance vaccine utilization goals. Vaccine stakeholders effectively control the science, the research, and the reports that get published in medical and public health journals. The broad range of the Brighton Collaboration’s international projects, initiatives, and tools for vaccine safety assessments reflect the bias of its partners, all of who are stakeholders in the business of vaccines; their interest is in ensuring high utilization of vaccines.

The Brighton Collaboration laid the foundation for gaining control of vaccine-related information by establishing an infrastructure for developing universal vaccine risk assessment standards, prescribing vaccine research strategies and methods, forming expert advisory panels, influencing journal publication selection, generating propaganda campaigns to gain trust.

One of its stated missions is to increase public confidence in the safety of vaccines.

“The Brighton Collaboration, together with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine’s Vaccine Confidence Project, is promoting research on the determinants of trust and distrust in vaccines generally as well as on the drivers of vaccine «scares», [and vaccine hesitancy] the manner in which they develop and spread, and effective strategies to best address vaccine safety concerns.”

This collaborating partnership of vaccine stakeholders re-defined what qualifies as an adverse reaction to a vaccine. When newborn infants suddenly died within days following vaccination, the Brighton Collaboration re-defined sudden infant deaths within 10 days of vaccination, declaring the deaths “unrelated to the vaccine”. [See Appendix 8]

Their primary goal is to protect high vaccination rates with a stream of positive reports. Thus, grants are awarded only to those whose research proposals are designed to validate the safety of vaccines. A second goal is to prevent research that could document safety hazards that would undermine vaccination policies. The main objectives of the Brighton Collaboration:40

  • To raise global awareness of the availability of standardized case definitions and guidelines for data collection, analysis and presentation, and to educate about the benefit of and monitor their global use and to facilitate access,
  • To develop single standardized case definitions for specific AEFIs,
  • To prepare guidelines for data collection, analysis and presentation for global use,
  • To develop and implement study protocols for evaluation of case definitions and guidelines in clinical trials and surveillance systems. (WHO. Vaccine Safety Basics)

This “authoritative” consortium exerts extraordinary influence on vaccination policies worldwide and ensures that vaccine safety assessments enhance vaccine utilization goals. Vaccine stakeholders effectively control the science, the research, and the reports that get published in medical and public health journals. The broad range of the Brighton Collaboration’s international projects, initiatives, and tools for vaccine safety assessments reflect the bias of its partners, all of who are stakeholders in the business of vaccines; their interest is in ensuring high utilization of vaccines.


Next to CDC, the most influential institutional entity in global vaccination policies is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (founded in 2000) with its staggering investment portfolio of $40 billion. The Foundation’s grants awards ensure that the Bill and Melinda Gates interests are furthered. The Foundation has given the WHO more than $1.5 billion. [Wikipedia]

The Brighton Foundation’s 2016 Annual Report credits the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for:

[making] a lot of this possible through projects like the Global Alignment of Immunisation Safety Assessment in Pregnancy ( GAIA)”. “The aim of GAIA is to improve data to strengthen immunisation programs involving pregnant women by harmonizing maternal, foetal, and neonatal health outcome assessments, with a specific focus on low and middle income Countries (LMIC)”.

The Gates Foundation’s focus on underdeveloped, poor countries is not viewed by the local population as an example of beneficence, but rather as abominable human exploitation. Professor Patrick Bond, a political economist  (University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, SA, who had been in Nelson Mandella’s new South African government), describes Gates’  unseemly business-philanthropic practices and agenda of the Gates Foundation are viewed as ruthless and immoral in an article in CounterPunch  (2016).[34] Those tactics have garnered Bill and Melinda Gates $80 billion. The foundation’s pervasive influence in international development is through its aggressive promotion of both vaccines and genetically modified food. …