Are Vaccines Causing Cranial Nerve Lesions that Manifest in Crooked Smiles?

Crooked smiles and misaligned eyes are things we look for as signs of a stroke in an older person, but for some reason, when it occurs with children, we ignore it, or if we happen to notice it at all, call it cute. When you look at people 50 years ago, it doesn’t seem to exist. Everyone’s faces look perfectly symmetrical. But as you move forward in time, everyone’s faces seem to have become crooked. Some of these smiles you might assume are smirks- smug expressions of superiority. But when you see them in toddlers, even babies, you begin to see them for what they are- warning signs. Signals from their body that indicate something is not right. Many children exhibit these changes soon after their vaccines. When you start to look for it, you will notice this phenomenon is everywhere….

4 thoughts on “Are Vaccines Causing Cranial Nerve Lesions that Manifest in Crooked Smiles?”

  1. I do believe it was Andrew Moulden who postulated that the asymmetrical face was indicative of a stroke – and that many children carry this mark due to the toxins in vaccines, especially aluminum. This is seriously concerning. See for more.

    And then there are the faces of famous political figures whose faces seem to be permanently fixed in smirks – especially lifting the left side of the mouth. And that might be due to trauma or brain injury as well, as many of them were raised in families similar to the ones Kerth Barker writes about in his books.

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