V for Vanished: Virginia’s Missing Children

The rates of missing children in Virginia are astounding. Since this is a lengthy post I will provide you with the stats first and let you decide if you’d like to continue reading as this post is lengthy.

2017 Missing Children (up to Nov. 9th, 2017)
Virginia: 347
Rate per 100,000 : 4.13
California: 178
Rate per 100,000: 0.45

Alarming Number of Missing in Virginia for 2016

This is a follow up post to Virginia where we explored the available data on missing children in the state of Virginia for 2016.

The data clearly shows that there was a disproportionate number of missing children per 100,000 in the state of Virginia when compared to the all other states including California and New York. Although the numbers are certainly alarming, the researcher who made the original analysis, and posted it to YouTube, cautioned that the results may be a result of poor reporting or incomplete data and that we should be cautious about reaching any definitive conclusions.

Even though 2017 has yet to come to an end, curiosity got the better of me and I decided to dig into data supplied by the NCMEC in the state of Virginia for this year. Since no complete databases with statistics on missing children exist, I decided to gather information manually and build a data set plugging in individual profiles into an Excel spreadsheet. All the data comes from the NCMEC database of missing children for Virginia and California (accessed – October 10th to November 10th)….



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