What We Know About the Man Whose Attack in New York Will Help the Pentagon Get Their New AUMF

On  Monday Oct. 30th, Sec. of Defense Mattis and Sec. of State Tillerson went before a congressional committee and begged them to pass a new Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) which would grant them the ability to wage an endless war (no time restraints. Mattis said a limit would “embolden the enemy”) anywhere on the planet against anyone they deemed an enemy.

The new AUMF is expected to be a difficult vote in congress at this time. Congress is divided even among parties and we have been using the old one (drafted after 9/11) since 2002. But that one says we are at war with al Qaeda and al Qaeda affiliates… and as we all know… we have been partnering with al Qaeda and al Qaeda affiliates in places like Libya and Syria and the new enemies may not be associated with that old boogeyman so an updated law is required in order to continue with Dick Cheney’s “long war”, “thousand year war”

Less than 24 hours after Mattis and Tillerson made their plea to congress for endless war against anyone, anywhere… New York suffered what is being called a terrorist attack. It is the first such attack supposedly linked to “ISIS™” since Jan. 6th 2017 (still the Obama administration)

What a coincidence, huh? …


It sure seems like he wasn’t really in a rush to get away now doesn’t it?

Funny how he decided to take a pellet gun and a paint ball gun out of that vehicle with him when he got out. Almost as if he wanted to be shot. Either that or whoever planned this figured they would need an excuse to “shoot” him and they didn’t want to give him actual weapons… just in case….

Why is his connection to Tampa being downplayed in the national media?

Well, this might have something to do with it:

MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa Fl. hosts the following:

Which makes it easy to understand this:

They were among about 300 people, most in uniform, who filed Monday into the Joint Intelligence Operations Center at U.S. Central Command to hear President Donald Trump make his first speech at a military base.

CentCom oversees U.S. military operations in a 20-nation swath running east from Egypt to Kazakhstan, and including Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, the Gulf States and nuclear-armed Pakistan.U.S. Special Operations Command, also headquartered at MacDill, coordinates the global war on terror and provides fully equipped and trained commandos. TampaBay.com

Did you know the CIA has a long history of running BlackOps in Uzbekistan?

Did you know US Special Operations forces have been training troops in Uzbekistan since the early 2000s and that this year we just upped the ante over there thanks to the new defense budget?

So let’s sum this up, shall we?

Right at the same time the MIC wants a new authorization to make war anywhere in the world they want under the guise of the Global War On Terror, a man from the same city where the GWOT is being run just happens to attack a bunch of people in a city with close ties to the agencies running the GWOT and he supposedly gets shot and survives holding fake guns and meandering around in the middle of the street waiting to get “shot”…

In the wake of that, in the wake of the new call to get congress to regain some democratic control on our war-making and in the wake of Tillerson and Mattis going to congress and asking for EVEN MORE power to wage endless war, anywhere, anytime, against anyone… a guy from the hometown of the Global War OF Terror (a guy from a country where Special Ops recruits and trains terrorists) runs up to New York with their GWOT-friendly police force and commits the EXACT kind of terrorist act that will HELP those men get the congress to act in the way they want.

And folks still wonder why “conspiracy theorists” exist.


Blaming the Afghan War Failure on — Russia

Failure?  What failure?  The opium exports are a huge success, the lithium mines are probably running at full capacity to supply chinese smartphone manufacturers, the US national debt continues to mount and the encirclement of russia remains unbroken.   It’s not at all clear how the fruits of the afghan mugging is at odds with US permanent government objectives.   But the failure narrative is useful fodder for the anti-russian agenda.

Exclusive: Another part of the U.S. mainstream media’s rash of Russia-bashing is to claim that Moscow is arming Afghanistan’s Taliban, but again the evidence doesn’t match the accusations, writes Jonathan Marshall:

News flash: The United States is supplying spiffy new Humvees and Ford Ranger pickup trucks to the Taliban, who brazenly parade their troops in those vehicles “without fear of being targeted by Afghan or Coalition forces,” according to a senior fellow at the neoconservative Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

As Bill Poggio observed in the foundation’s Long War Journal, “The Taliban displayed their military power in the contested district of Bakwa in a newly released video titled From the Fronts of Farah. The video which was released on the Taliban’s propaganda website, Voice of Jihad, ‘is dedicated to . . . showcasing the strength, control and advances of the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate,’ according to an accompanying statement.”

Poggio concluded, more reasonably than I suggest in my opening sentence, that the trucks displayed in the Taliban video were “captured from Afghan Army and police units,” not ordered directly by the Afghan insurgents out of a Pentagon catalog.

But U.S. officials have not shown the same good sense in their continued, but unsupported, denunciations of Russia for supplying the Taliban with assault rifles and other small arms.

I demolished that canard in a May 29 article. I pointed out that, contrary to a raft of news stories based on Pentagon leaks about Russian backstabbing, the director of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency admitted in a Senate hearing, “I have not seen real physical evidence of weapons or money being transferred” by Russia to the Taliban.

The chairman of NATO’s military committee restated that conclusion in almost the same words just a few days ago. He told reporters in Washington, “I don’t have and I haven’t seen any hard evidence on the delivery of weapons from the Russians to the Taliban.”….


The Democratic Money Behind Russia-gate

As Russia-gate continues to buffet the Trump administration, we now know that the “scandal” started with Democrats funding the original dubious allegations of Russian interference, notes Joe Lauria.

By Joe Lauria

The two sources that originated the allegations claiming that Russia meddled in the 2016 election — without providing convincing evidence — were both paid for by the Democratic National Committee, and in one instance also by the Clinton campaign: the Steele dossier and the CrowdStrike analysis of the DNC servers. Think about that for a minute.

We have long known that the DNC did not allow the FBI to examine its computer server for clues about who may have hacked it – or even if it was hacked – and instead turned to CrowdStrike, a private company co-founded by a virulently anti-Putin Russian. Within a day, CrowdStrike blamed Russia on dubious evidence.

And, it has now been disclosed that the Clinton campaign and the DNC paid for opposition research memos written by former British MI6 intelligence agent Christopher Steele using hearsay accusations from anonymous Russian sources to claim that the Russian government was blackmailing and bribing Donald Trump in a scheme that presupposed that Russian President Vladimir Putin foresaw Trump’s presidency years ago when no one else did.

Since then, the U.S. intelligence community has struggled to corroborate Steele’s allegations, but those suspicions still colored the thinking of President Obama’s intelligence chiefs who, according to Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, “hand-picked” the analysts who produced the Jan. 6 “assessment” claiming that Russia interfered in the U.S. election.

In other words, possibly all of the Russia-gate allegations, which have been taken on faith by Democratic partisans and members of the anti-Trump Resistance, trace back to claims paid for or generated by Democrats. …


2016: Ex-FBI assistant director calls the Clintons a ‘crime family’ and claims their ‘foundation is a cesspool’

  • Former assistant director of the FBI James Kallstrom spoke out against the Clintons on a radio show Sunday morning
  • He likened them to a ‘crime family’ and said the ‘Clinton Foundation is a cesspool’
  • He also said Hillary is a ‘pathological liar’ and said the FBI’s investigation into her email server was ‘never a real investigation’ 
  • Kallstrom is best known for leading the investigation into the explosion of TWA flight 800 in the late 1990s

A former FBI official described the Clintons as a ‘crime family’ days after the bureau reopened its investigation into Hillary’s personal email server.   

James Kallstrom, the former assistant director of the FBI, spoke out against the Clinton family on Sunday in a radio interview with host and Greek-American billionaire businessman John Catsimatidis on ‘The Cats Roundtable’.

‘The Clintons, that’s a crime family. It’s like organized crime, basically. The Clinton Foundation is a cesspool,’ Kallstrom said.

‘It’s just outrageous how Hillary Clinton sold her office for money.

‘And she’s a pathological liar, and she’s always been a liar. And God forbid if we put someone like that in the White House.’ 

Kallstrom, who is best known for leading the investigation into the explosion of TWA flight 800 in the late 1990s, also went after the FBI in the interview and said the initial investigation into the email server was ‘never a real investigation.’

‘They never had grand jury empaneled. And the reason … was that Loretta Lynch would not go along with that,’ Kallstrom said.

‘So this investigation was without the ability to serve subpoenas, serve search warrants, and obtain the evidence that they ended up begging for. It was just ludicrous what went on.’ ….



Pentagon is building a ‘self-aware’ killer robot army directed by social media

Official US defence and NATO documents confirm that autonomous weapon systems will kill targets, including civilians, based on tweets, blogs and Instagram

An unclassified 2016 Department of Defense (DoD) document, the Human Systems Roadmap Review, reveals that the US military plans to create artificially intelligent (AI) autonomous weapon systems, which will use predictive social media analytics to make decisions on lethal force with minimal human involvement.

Despite official insistence that humans will retain a “meaningful” degree of control over autonomous weapon systems, this and other Pentagon documents dated from 2015 to 2016 confirm that US military planners are already developing technologies designed to enable swarms of “self-aware” interconnected robots to design and execute kill operations against robot-selected targets.

More alarmingly, the documents show that the DoD believes that within just fifteen years, it will be feasible for mission planning, target selection and the deployment of lethal force to be delegated entirely to autonomous weapon systems in air, land and sea. The Pentagon expects AI threat assessments for these autonomous operations to be derived from massive data sets including blogs, websites, and multimedia posts on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The raft of Pentagon documentation flatly contradicts Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work’s denial that the DoD is planning to develop killer robots. …