War With Russia: A Bipartisan Agenda Masquerading as Partisan Politics

The Problem With The Clinton-Russia Collusion Narrative

So I’ve got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that the Republicans have finally found an answer to the dangerous Russiagate narrative which the Democrats have been using to pummel the Trump administration and help the US power establishment manufacture support for potentially world-ending escalations with a nuclear superpower.

The bad news is that their answer has been to create another Russiagate of their own.

I don’t expect this to be one of my more popular essays; the ones where I talk about the bullshit on both sides of the mainstream political debate seldom are, because I can’t rely on the manic energy of partisan politics to help circulate them. That said, the Clinton-Russia collusion narrative being eagerly embraced by Trump supporters everywhere lately presents some very serious problems that I’d like to bring into consciousness a bit, for those of you willing to indulge me a moment.

The problem with the new #ClintonRussia angle is not that the accusations being leveled by Trump supporters at Democrats are less legitimate than those being leveled by Democrats at Trump. The problem is that adding a new Russiagate scandal into the mix risks creating a bipartisan game of chicken which can cause the new cold war escalations to ramp up much faster than they already are.

Memories are amazingly short on the political scene, so people may have forgotten how this whole Russiagate thing got started in the first place. Dems started banging on about Russian hackers to distract from the revelations in last year’s WikiLeaks releases, which became exponentially more frantic following a CIA leak to the Washington Post in early December alleging that Russia had deliberately meddled in the November election with the intention of securing Trump’s victory. Democrats were fully on-board with the establishment Russia narrative from that point on since that nation was now married to the fear of Trump which had been instilled in them by the mainstream media, but it wasn’t until CNN reported in January on the existence of the Steele dossier (which Buzzfeed then published) that the Russia hysteria really kicked into fifth gear.

From that point on, any actions taken against Russian interests had the full-throated support of mainstream Democrats, from Sanders/TYT progressives to stalwart Blue Dogs, which worked out nicely for the unelected power establishment known as the US deep state. Increasing troop presence on the Russian border, aggressive sanctions, NATO expansionism, corporate internet censorship, and even Trump’s missile strike upon the Syrian government in April all enjoyed widespread support from Democrats across the spectrum. And now two nuclear superpowers are well into an ever-escalating new cold war, the consent for which was manufactured by the Russiagate hysteria under the pretense of “resisting” Trump.

After watching this very closely over the last year and writing about it extensively, I find it very concerning to see Trump and his supporters beginning to move in a very similar way: …


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