Congressional Resolution Promotes CDC Vaccination Schedule

The resolution makes no specific reference to the CDC schedule vs the rest of the world or the particular combinations of adjuvants and preservatives and attenuators and biological substrates that they believe to be 100% safe or why the pharmacorps need a taxpayer-funded “vaccine court” to shield them from financial liability for vaccine injury, a court which has already disbursed billions in damages.   The implication is that any combination in any dose in any age with any degree of repetition is god-given healing elixir.  They simply put the blinders on, robotically repeat the corporate PR and plow ahead.  This is what corporate money has done to government integrity.   Children are square in the crosshairs.


WHO Wants to Market Vaccines Like Burgers and Soda

H. RES. 327

Recognizing the importance of vaccinations and immunizations in the United States….