InPower Episode #1: A Mass Action of Liability

Full disclosure is required to make a contract between two parties valid. There is little to no honest exchange in many areas of modern life. Rather, the “norm” is corporate secrecy and steamrolling over citizens’ concerns.

Most countries and their governments have been quietly turned into corporations. Corporations were once formed to serve the people by performing a certain function, such as building a dam, then dissolving. Things have changed. Corporations now hold the status of “person” and their purpose is to make a financial profit and to survive. The President of the USA is its CEO.

Corporations are liable for the stealth installation of “smart” meters and for the dangers they pose – and they are liable for many other dangerous commodities and actions. Holding employees financially accountable for their companies’ products and policies is proving to be an effective approach to effect change.

This video is a valuable, informative resource. The approach described here can be applied to many concerns, not just “smart” meters.

The InPower Docu-Series illustrates a powerful new method to restore social justice and accountability. Episode #1 focuses on solving the ‘smart’ meter problem: how we can prevent and reverse the installation of this dangerous technology, through holding corporate executives and government actors financially accountable — for the first time ever. And in so doing, we can restore safety in our homes, and bring balance to our world.

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How to Stop Terror Attacks

  1. Recognize who the biggest terrorists are, the ones who don’t blink at murdering and torturing thousands of people at a time in order to ensure corporate profits in distant foreign lands.   I am of course referring to the “secret government” or the “deep state” or the banksters or whatever you want to call them, the ones that arrange for CIA torture tutors and death-squad organizers to make the rounds in latin america and the persian gulf as part of the empire’s “security assistance” programs, which have terrorised many hundreds of thousands of innocents the world over and paved the way for sweat shops in latin america which have decimated american domestic industries, all with the complete and utter consent and complicity of our so-called “free press.”   I.e. our media is complicit in heinous crimes against humanity and has been for many decades.   Picture a nazi swastika behind Rachel Maddow’s TV teleprompter-desk and you’ll get the idea.
  2.  Recognize that such terrorists and their media puppets don’t give more of a whit about the american people, our civil or human rights or whatever is left of our tattered constitution than they do the children, women and men, midwives, teachers, labor unionists, musicians, artists, authors or just thinkers that they have made careers of torturing and murdering for money in other countries.   Picture Jesus on a cross and you’ll get an idea of the morality of these people.
  3. Ergo, it would suit these increasingly-obviously satanic terrorists just fine if the american people were as disarmed and helpless as the masses of peasants that they reign over with impunity elsewhere, simply because they want to control and loot the entire world.
  4. They have already demonstrated their ability to create mind-controlled slaves who mass murder and suicide on command.  This technology has existed in the west since it was imported from nazi germany after WWII under operation paperclip and perfected under such programs as MK-Ultra and Monarch.
  5.  They staged a blatantly obvious false flag on september 11th (see the top of the reference section on this site) which they presume will pave the way to their final ascendancy via the media puppets and the football-watching, apathetic but increasingly terrified fools who listen to them.   They know the power of using mass denial and herd instinct as a weapon.
  6. They have demonstrated their determination to disarm the american people by hook or by crook, utilizing such staged operations as the Waco massacre, the OKC bombing and Fast and Furious, followed by a series of obviously staged gun massacres, to manipulate and measure the consent of the public and the police and military in the project of engineering universal helplessness and surrender.
  7. They have purchased and practiced on photographic targets depicting ordinary americans, men, women, old people and children attempting to defend themselves in their own homes against the armed swat teams who are about to kill them.
  8. They murdered a sitting president of the united states and got away with it.
  9. These satanic terrorists have utilized every shell-game, scam, election theft, subversion, covert operation, deception, illegal drug trafficking, toxic drugs and vaccines, obstetrical quackery, false flag, blackmail, murder, imposed economic cycles, torture and child abuse imaginable to bring this society to its knees socially, economically, emotionally and physically.  A comprehensive, scientifically designed program of enslavement utilizing modern understandings of psychology, anthropology, sociology and economics, complete with mathematics and computer modeling  to inflict and maximize pain, sometimes without leaving a clear evidentiary trail.
  10. They have established their credentials as consumate, utter and complete bastards deserving of nothing more than a hemp noose and a high place to tie it to.

Given all this, what is the obvious solution to gun massacres and terror attacks?   Stop believing the terrorists.   Start asking who benefits.  Forget the judicial or policing systems.  They are utterly compromised.   The system is broken.   You have to think for yourself.  Sorry about that.

When people refuse to automatically believe the official story, the motivation for terrorist attacks will disappear.   It’s as simple as that.

All the above items are documented on this site and elsewhere on the net.  That’s what research is for.   Here are a few examples, a bare tip of the iceberg.   Be a responsible citizen and start looking at evidence instead of the fairy tales they tell you on TV.   Or start thinking about how you’ll explain your intellectual laziness and fear to the kids who have to live with the consequences of your inaction.

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