Psychopathic Genocidal Torture Government Drills Kids in Passive Victimization

It’s not enough that they sexually torture and emotionally cripple little boys right out of the womb.  That’s to be expected, it’s the price of freedumb.

The police state started in the maternity wards, migrated into politics and the media, and now it’s circled back for the kids again.   So what?   Let the kids worry about it.  Now go back to sleep.

Children Held Hostage During Disturbing 9/11 Drill by School Official Threatening to Kill Them

In America’s modern-day police state, it seems the state knows no bounds as to how far it will go to keep children and adults in a perpetual state of fear. A recent lawsuit out of Hawaii illustrates the extent of the American fear culture and how its insanity is tormenting and traumatizing America’s youth.

For more than 10 minutes, middle school children were held hostage by a raging lunatic in a mask, swinging a hammer while threatening to kill them all. Naturally, officials claim this drill, involving a school official wearing a mask and holding a hammer while threatening to kill children, was done for the “safety of those children.” …

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