GMO’s Revealed Episode 5: Sayer Ji Interview

Readers of this blog know we cover serious issues here. At the risk of being monotonous, this is also a must see.

Our ultra-powerful Episode 5 expires tonight–watch it now before we take it down to make room for episode 6…

We’re about halfway through our series, and the buzz around GMOs Revealed has been phenomenal!

Here’s what people are saying…

“Eye opening and earthshaking. Our very survival as a people depends upon We the People taking the action required now that we have this information, and know what to do with it.” -Doreen M. T.

“Excellent interview with Jeffrey Smith! He has done a lot to reveal the health risks of GMOs to the public. Thanks for a great job to help keep GMOs out of our food supply. Also excellent information of how detrimental glyphosate is to our crops and food supply. Also informed us about the new generation poisons put on our food by a number of chemical companies.” -Mary D.

“What an incredible episode. I thought it was even better than the first one. It didn’t even seem like 2 1/2 hours. I have followed some of these topics for years but still learned so much. Really fantastic information!” -Kimberly G.

“Once again I absolutely impressed with the information that this Series is making available to the Public. After episode one, I have put effort into getting those I know and those I do not to please make time available to absorb as much of this info as possible so that they can also pass it forward. Excellent, need to know information!” -Bob K.

“what a revelations of everything that could be wrong with you could all in part be G.M.O. my trip to the grocery store just got more costly but i am worth it. thanks for doing this for us all” -Emily M.


Powerful stuff (and that’s just a few–there’s lots more where those came from)…

What about you? How has GMOs Revealed opened your eyes and caused you to rethink your food choices?

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