Dave Emory: Who is Tulsi Gabbard?

Introduction: The second of two programs about Tulsi Gabbard, a Democratic Congresswoman from Hawaii, this program further explores Gabbard’s profound links to a branch of the Hare Krishna cult run by a fellow named Chris Butler aka Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa.

A major focal point of the program is the occult fascist nature of the views of Hare Krishna sect founder Abhay Charanaravinda Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, whom we shall refer to as Prabuhada.

Prabhupada’s views are noteworthy for our purposes: “. . . . ISKCON founder A C Bhaktivedanta Swami’s views were even more bizarre than I expected: rape victims asked for it, Blacks are inferior and should be enslaved, Aryans are the supreme race, Hitler was right when attacking the Jews, and the ‘non-Aryan’ majority of the human race are useless eaters no better than dogs. The preferred form of government is an absolutist monarchy. Racism is apparently an integral part of the ideal Vedic society, since ‘shudra’ (the designation of the worker-caste) means ‘black,’ which in turn literally refers to blacks, a category which also includes Dravidians from southern India. . . .”

Again, specifically, Prabhupada viewed blacks, both American and the darker skinned people of India, as inferior: ” . . . .For one thing, Prabhupada spewed vitriolic racial hatred toward black/African people — repeatedly and explicitly. Examples of his racial bigotry are numerous and frequently recorded in lectures and private conversations by his many devotees and disciples over the decades. Even if some of his comments were taken out of context (as his defenders and apologists sometimes assert), the sheer volume and magnitude of his immense bigotry cannot be ignored nor sugar-coated. Part of Prabhupada’s hatred of blacks stemmed from his deep-seated Hindu beliefs that dark-skinned peoples represent the very bottom of the hierarchy of the human race — a direct reflection of India’s ancient color-based caste system. . . .”


Personalized cancer treatments could also open the door to personalized bioweapons

Still studiously ignoring the environmental causes of cancer.  Satanic technology is an ongoing nightmare, creating the problems it is called on to fix.   False flag to the core.

The search for cancer cure through cutting-edge technology and rigorous initiatives such as Joe Biden’s cancer moonshot may one day backfire and give way to a new wave of warfare using personalized bioweapons, an expert warned.

John Sotos, chief medical officer at Intel, cautioned that while such a medical breakthrough may prove beneficial, the resulting output may in turn be used against humanity by way of tailoring diseases that may infect individuals, families, or even entire races.

Speaking at the DEF CON hacking conference in Las Vegas, Sotos quipped that the fight against cancer will require the use of an ultra-precise, DNA-altering technology. The expert warned that once a similar technology gets fine-tuned, it can finally surpass hurdles in creating bioweapons.

Sotos also stressed that while modifying certain diseases and weaponizing them may prove effective in eliminating the enemy, the diseases still have the potential to spread beyond its distribution area and go back to its original source. …


Feds Collecting DNA “Kill Switches” from US Citizens

Google Storing DNA from Medical Dragnet for Eugenics, Targeted Killing