Forcible Injections of Children: Global Eugenics and Fascism is “Liberal”

As a shift toward authoritarianism in Western governance finds civilians increasingly at the mercy of liberty-robbing laws, punitive (in)justice, and state control, our individual sovereignty as human beings and parents to decide whether or not children should be vaccinated might not be ours to make quite soon.

While both sides of the public vaccine debate maintain intractably obstinate, the governments of Australia and several European nations have come out in support of inoculation mandates — or penalties steep enough to equivocate mandates — to the consternation of parents concerned for the dearth in comprehensive research on the topic.

Pro-vaccine positions contend the safety of vaccines and their track record of nearly annihilating deadly and dreaded diseases; but detractors say the benefits have not been examined in the context of the shots potential interactions with one another, among other seemingly imperative points.

Both sides deem one another child abusers for their positions, and — although Western laws do not yet prohibit refusing inoculation — legislation trends intimate the State has lost patience with parents who refuse to follow the full vaccination schedule, in whole or part, with children enrolled in public education.

Driving the international push toward mandatory immunization are multiple outbreaks of diseases worldwide — measles and whooping cough, for example — previously thought so minimal a modern risk as to be considered nearly eradicated. Recent acts of legislation throughout the West indicate the response to these public health crises will ultimately mean a loss of choice for the people on a particularly thorny topic, Voxreports,

“Europe has long struggled with a vaccine mistrust problem … and these new laws or policy proposals arose in the context of ongoing, unprecedented measles outbreaks across the continent. Australia has also dealt with its share of vaccine-preventable disease outbreaks, and the government crackdown is part of a push to get 95 percent of Australian children vaccinated with routine immunizations, above the current rate of 93 percent.”

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Satanic Government “Licenses” GMO Hemp

Let there be no doubt, when they come out with a psychoactive version of GMO pot (with or without a prescription “licensed” to the medical eugenics monopoly) it will be just another mind-deadening psych drug.  The last thing they want are mind-expanding drugs on the street.    The whole idea is to destroy our ability to think outside of our skinner boxes.

BTW: isn’t vandalism illegal any more?   Here we have a fully functional and useful natural plant that does just fine thank you without the “miracle” of modern syence, which will be corrupted and eventually destroyed.

Mainstream Media Just Admitted Biotech Company Has Exclusive Patents on GMO Cannabis

In an article from Reuters this week, on biotechnology being used to lower nicotine in tobacco, the biotech company, 22nd Century Group was highlighted for their work in trying to make cigarettes less addictive by genetically engineering tobacco to have less of the drug.

However, also in the article was the admission that the company has more than 200 patents that give it the ability to increase or decrease the level of nicotine in tobacco plants, as well as the level of cannabinoids in cannabis plants.

What was once fake news, is now a reality.

According to 22nd Century Group, they were granted an exclusive sublicense in the United States and a co-exclusive sublicense in the remainder of the world, excluding Canada, to patents and patent applications relating to the cannabis plant that are required for the production of cannabinoids, the major active ingredients in the cannabis plant.

The company claims that their intention is to foster the growth of the hemp industry in the United States by creating a cannabis that has zero THC, thus making it legal under the government’s tyrannical standards.

However, without this GMO cannabis, headway is already being made in states across the country in regards to hemp through states refusing to listen to the feds. As TFTP reported in June, Nevada became the latest state to defy the federal government’s apparent “War on Nature” by legalizing commercial industrial hemp production.

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Industrial hemp already contains little to no THC, so the need to genetically modify it to make it ‘legal’ in the eyes of the state is as absurd as it is unnecessary. However, given the shift toward a more sustainable society, it is highly likely that hemp production will skyrocket over the next decade.

Those who own patents on the hemp which will be allowed by the federal government first will essentially create a monopoly on their product using the state to block other, natural, growers.

In essence, through the use of government granted monopolies, 22nd Century Group and others like them could become to hemp what Monsanto has become to corn and soy….

McMaster is Working for Soros

National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster is an active operative of globalist billionaire George Soros, according to three separate domestic and foreign intelligence sources.

McMaster is a foreign intelligence agent for the multi-national combine controlled by Soros, which explains why he’s constantly running interference to President Trump’s agenda.

“I have confirmed from sources from inside the White House, the Israeli government and Israeli intelligence that the Israelis have intercepted email communications from General McMaster to George Soros, informing him of everything that’s going on inside the White House,” reported Infowars correspondent Roger Stone. “…I have double checked this with two different sources very high up in Israeli intelligence, and I actually expect the Israeli ambassador to the US to confirm this.”

This means, by implication, that McMaster is one of the primary leakers given that Soros has vast ties to the mainstream media.

It is already known that McMaster was a member of International Institute for Strategic Studies which was funded by Soros’ Open Society Foundation and another Soros-financed group.

Also, last month Israel publicly accused Soros of continuously undermining democratically-elected governments.

Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs took the opportunity to criticize Soros when it spoke out against the vandalism of anti-Soros posters in Hungary which were defaced with anti-Semitic graffiti. …

Well this is unexpected (for me at least) for Israel to turn against soros.  Are fissures forming in the globalist hierarchy?

White House petition demands moratorium on childhood vaccines: How to Sign

Late last month, a formal Administrative Procedures Act Petition was filed with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to establish a five-year moratorium on childhood vaccinations. The petition was filed by Kent Heckenlively, JD, an attorney from the state of California whose child was injured by a vaccination, Rima E. Laibow, MD, Medical Director of the Natural Solutions Foundation, and Ralph Fucetola, JD, President of the Institute for Health Research.

“With this formal filing today at joining the petition I filed earlier this month we are establishing our legal standing to call for the Five Year Childhood Vaccination Moratorium,” said Heckenlively.

Ralph Fucetola, who has 35 years of experience in law, went on to explain the reason as to why the petition was filed in the first place. “Under the APA formal Citizens Petitions to government agencies have legal standing to begin the process of adopting regulatory changes, either through the agency directly or by White House Executive order,” Fucetola said. He continued, “The two petitions submitted by Counsel Heckenlively together deliver an important message to the Federal Government regarding uninsurable vaccines that have been determined by courts to be ‘unavoidably unsafe.’ We demand a moratorium on childhood vaccines until and unless they are proven safe and effective, as required by law.”

The official petition on, which currently has over 6,600 signatures, asks the White House to do four things: Enact a five year moratorium on vaccines for children below the age of eighteen, repeal the 1986 National Childhood vaccine injury Act, perform large scale studies on both vaccinated and unvaccinated children in order to learn more about the effects of vaccines, and ban direct pharmaceutical advertising to consumers and only permit advertising that is directed towards medical professionals.

While there is still an ongoing and rigorous debate in this country over the potentially harmful effects of vaccinations, what we know to be true is that there are countless stories out there of young people who have experienced tremendous amounts of suffering after receiving vaccines. Below are three of those stories….

Sign the White House petition at this link: