Vaccines: YOU Can Take Action NOW For Moratorium

ACTION ALERT: A legal process has been initiated for a 5 year moratorium on childhood vaccines until tests can be conducted. You can help by commenting on the FDA. Go here and comment.

This is not merely an internet petition, or a White House petition (although one has been started) but the beginning of a basis to take legal action — and we have a sympathetic ear in President Trump. Ralph Fucetola explains.

Wikileaks: EVERYONE Working at Platte River Networks Had Access to HIllary’s Top Secret Emails

Wikileaks: EVERYONE Working at Platte River Networks Had Access to HIllary’s Top Secret Emails

In March 2015 an unnamed Platte River Networks technician deleted Clinton emails after a congressional committee had ordered them preserved.

Clinton, her aides, and Platte River Networks, the company Clinton hired to handle her email system, violated a subpoena by deleting her emails….

EVERY EMPLOYEE at Platte River Networks had access to Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Via Wikileaks:

FBI report: Everyone one at Platte River Networks (PRN) had access to Hillary Clinton’s emails

And then there’s this…
A Platte River Networks technician told the FBI the company worried about Hillary Clinton’s system.
NDTV reported:

A technician hired by Hillary Clinton to run the private email system she used while US secretary of state told investigators he tried to pass on colleagues’ concerns that the system might not comply with records laws, FBI interview summaries show.

Bryan Pagliano, the technician Clinton hired when she joined the State Department in 2009, told federal investigators he relayed the concerns to Cheryl Mills, then Clinton’s chief of staff.

Mills, whose lawyer did not respond to requests for comment, has previously testified under oath she could not recall anyone alerting her to potential problems with Clinton’s email arrangement. …..

Uh oh, that’s a lot of people that have to be killed to continue whatever is left of this “coverup”.  I wonder if the clintons are going to be jumping on a (privately chartered) jet to qatar soon.

Publicly Verified Elections are Key to De-Corrupting Our Democracy

From the original facebook post:

Folks, DEF-CON in Las Vegas proved again that our elections have been computerized, privatized, and outsourced! A voting system that we at AUDIT AZ see as a system that was built to cheat. (see video link below) A system for many years with built-in impunity to steal. A system run with a failed concept known as “Security by Obscurity,” which ultimately became the handy rationale for skirting transparency and fighting record request into the inter working and, once uncover, led us into the world of the insiders and who really runs/program elections.

A tipping point is coming! 2016 / 2017 are the years that the average American is learning that their elections are easily gamed. Either we have elections that are transparent, trackable and publicly verified, and then maybe more people will vote!

Or more people will stop voting because they’ve lost faith in their vote being counted as cast and see the system as sad joke that it is now!

The solution is simple… it’s transparency!!!

In Las Vegas I filmed most of the speakers and will have up very soon. I also circulated close to 600 copies of this 2-page abstract: “Publicly Verified Elections are Key to De-Corrupting Our Democracy NOW!” Link to doc:

According to longtime friend and attorney Bill Risner, “Every study of the security of computer voting systems has identified insiders such as company employees and/or vendors and election department employees as the primary security risks. These same vendors when having their software certified, instructed the test labs “NOT” to check the software for security.” Court video.

The referenced document:

In an “ah ha” moment, election integrity investigators realized that 40% of the voting optical scanners presently in use have the built-in ability to transparently verify reported election results RIGHT NOW! The optical scanner that used to count hand-marked paper ballots are rapidly being replaced with technology that uses digital imagery to count scanned ballot images. At the current rate, by the next presidential election, approximately 85% of the country will generate scanned ballot images.

These new digital systems scan paper ballots and create exact copies; enable trackability through each link of the chain-of-custody, reconcile ballots by precinct, and empower anyone to audit and verify election results.

IMAGINE – We the People will be able to download ballot images by precinct, program an application and verify election results on a computer or print the ballots and hand count them if we want!

Our esteemed colleague Bev Harris of explains “The Brakey Method that puts the brakes on mystery elections once and for all. A simple 3-step method places public election back under public control.”

1. Preserve and make public the “ballot images” — Modern voting systems take a picture of every ballot, called a “ballot image.”

2. Peg the ballot image to the paper ballot using a unique ID number not connected to any voter identifier in any way, thereby maintaining voter anonymity and the “secret ballot.”

3. Make sure ballots are a public record so that any person can arrange to inspect the actual ballots at any time. …

Since US Voting is a Farce, Russian “Meddling” is a Joke

Since US Voting is a Farce, Russian “Meddling” is a Joke

Since russia doesn’t want war and neither do most of the american people, if our election machines are going to be hacked anyway (are designed to be hacked in fact ) it would be better if russia did it than the omnicidal neocon satanic pedophile maniacs who are currently running this country.   Seriously.   We should invite them in as election monitors if nothing else.

Cold War 2.0: US sanctions on Russia based on zero evidence of ‘meddled’ ‘hacked’ election (undefined terms), lies to cover regime change in Syria, ongoing fear/distraction from expanding illegal US rogue state empire

Six minutes of CNN propagandizing “election meddling,” and further regime changes with Representative Will Hurd. Hurd worked for the CIA over 9 years as an undercover spy; that is, embedded to professionally lie for political purposes:

36 minutes of CrossTalk discussing “Cold War 2.0” from US claims without evidence of Russian “election hacking” and distraction from US illegal “regime changes”:

Essential context:

In just 90 seconds, former US Marine Ken O’Keefe powerfully states how you may choose to voice “very obvious solutions”: arrest the criminal leaders (video starts at 20:51, then finishes this episode of Cross Talk):

3-minute videoPolice, Military – Was your Oath sincere?

The following history shows why the satanic banksters’ hatred for russia is so deep and rabid, and why russia has been a far better friend to  america than the british-bankster-infested-empire-based subversives who took over washington in 1913 with the legalization of privately controlled US currency, a mistake for which we have already paid dearly, a mistake which may yet mean the end of the american experiment: