Culturecide: The Ongoing Kidnapping of Native American Children

Nearly 700 Native American children in South Dakota are being removed from their homes every year, sometimes under questionable circumstances. An NPR News investigation has found that the state is largely failing to place them according to the law. The vast majority of native kids in foster care in South Dakota are in nonnative homes or group homes, according to an NPR analysis of state records.

Years ago, thousands of Native American children were forcibly removed from their homes and sent to boarding schools, where the motto of the schools’ founder was “Kill the Indian, Save the Man.” Children lost touch with their culture, traditions and families. Many suffered horrible abuse, leaving entire generations missing from the one place whose future depended on them — their tribes.

In 1978, Congress tried to put a stop to it. They passed the Indian Child Welfare Act, which says except in the rarest circumstances, Native American children must be placed with their relatives or tribes. It also says states must do everything it can to keep native families together.

But 32 states are failing to abide by the act in one way or another, and, an NPR investigation has found, nowhere is that more apparent than in South Dakota.

“Cousins are disappearing; family members are disappearing,” said Peter Lengkeek, a Crow Creek Tribal Council member. “It’s kidnapping. That’s how we see it.”

State officials say they have to do what’s in the best interest of the child, but the state does have a financial incentive to remove the children. The state receives thousands of dollars from the federal government for every child it takes from a family, and in some cases the state gets even more money if the child is Native American. The result is that South Dakota is now removing children at a rate higher than the vast majority of other states in the country.

Native American families feel the brunt of this. Their children make up less than 15 percent of the child population, yet they make up more than half of the children in foster care.

Critics say foster care in South Dakota has become a powerhouse for private group home providers who bring in millions of dollars in state contracts to care for kids. Among them is Children’s Home Society, the state’s largest foster care provider, which has close ties with top government officials. It used to be run by South Dakota’s Gov. Dennis Daugard. An NPR investigation has found that Daugard was on the group’s payroll while he was lieutenant governor — and while the group received tens of millions of dollars in no-bid state contracts. It’s an unusual relationship highlighting the powerful role money and politics play in South Dakota’s foster care system.

“They make a living off of our children,” said Juanita Sherick, the tribal social worker for the Pine Ridge reservation. …

The economic activity of intact families and communities, especially those outside the mass culture, can’t be effectively harvested the way atomized families and communities can.  Just think of the loanable and taxable money flows resulting from multiple housing units, restaurants, transportation etc that simply would not happen without the outsourcing which is necessitated by the destruction of the family.  Even something as mundane as repairing torn clothing, which might have been done by grandmothers years ago, has given way to an endless flow of waste and new purchases shipped from halfway around the planet.   Family and community meals, shared gardens and home carpentry projects utilizing local talent, or just sitting around, playing guitar and talking for god’s sake, have been utterly displaced with fast food, box store purchases, TV programs and of course, drugs.   We do need the drugs don’t we?   Because as a culture, we are miserable.

The hard-won knowledge of the elderly is thrown to the wind as “education” leads to “employment” leads to “retirement” leads to “independent living” leads to “hospice care” leads to death, as the next crop of humanity is put in state indoctrination centers in preparation for their hookup to the milking machine.

The satanists who control the seamlessly integrated banking/governmental complex have every reason in the world to wreck the family via the public’s utterly misplaced trust in satanic medicine, pharmaceuticals and the media.   The colonists who displaced the native americans were themselves colonized by the satanic international banking cult years before.

Monetary reform is the most pivotal and longstanding unaddressed issue in human history.  Culturecide will lead to genocide will lead to ecocide and omnicide without it.  And still most political activists are completely ignorant of it.

The economic foundation of the police state is debt-based currency.   The former is the inevitable consequence of the latter.

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