Pilger: The Long Secret Alliance: Uncle Sam and Pol Pot

A little inconvenient history illustrating the true nature of the permanent government, the one americans don’t normally see in our free press or public schools.   Since economic globalization, Americans are now as expendable as the Cambodians were.   The dollar and the loyalty of the military are the only things between us and history.  And the military is being steadily infiltrated with recruits from prisons, satanic cults and programs of psychological profiling of the medically-created psychopathic US population.  http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2017/04/usa-land-of-psychopaths/

Turning the apparatus of the state against its own people has developed into a science perfected over centuries.  That’s how hitler did it, that’s how stalin did it, it’s how Mao did it, and that’s how it will be done here.   (they all had financial backing from wall street btw http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2017/05/anthony-sutton-wall-street-and-the-rise-of-hitler-and-communism/ )  Such knowledge doesn’t just disappear after each catastrophe.  It is catalogued and filed away in elite luciferian libraries.  It’s just another psyop, the kind of psyop that happened on 9/11.

The US not only helped create conditions rhat brought Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge to power in 1975, but actively supported the genocidal force, politically and financially. By January 1980, the US was secretly funding Pol Pots exiled forces on the Thai border. The extent of this support, $85 million from 1980 to 1986, was revealed six years later in correspondence between congressional lawyer Jonathan Winer, then counsel to Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation. Winer said the information had come from the Congressional Research Service (CRS)…

Washington also backed the Khmer Rouge through the United Nations, which provided Pol Pots vehicle of return. Although the Khmer Rouge government ceased to exist in January 1979, when the Vietnamese army drove it out, its representatives continued to occupy Cambodia’s UN seat. Their right to do so was defended and promoted by Washington as an extension of the Cold War, as a mechanism for US revenge on Vietnam, and as part of its new alliance with China (Pol Pot’s principal underwriter and Vietnam’s ancient foe). In 1981 , President Carter’s national security adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski, said, “I encouraged the Chinese to support Pal Pot.” ”The US,” he added, “winked publicly” as China sent arms to the Khmer Rouge through Thailand. ….



Not to focus too much on him, but it is illustrative of the true power structure in this country that brzezinski still spoke for the US foreign policy elite 40 years after helping to usher in the cambodian genocide and the creation of the al qaeda/ISIS CIA mercenary army:

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