Democracy Does Not Exist In America

And no, sneaky pants Putin did not undermine (non-existent) US democracy (how is it possible to interfere with something that does not exist?) and insert his tangerine-tinged minion into the office of the US presidency.”
~ Phil Rockstroh

You ever wonder why establishment loyalists are still to this very day continuing to attack Jill Stein? Go to her Twitter page right now and you’ll see every one of her tweets packed with vitriolic comments from Maddow muppets accusing her of being a Kremlin stooge, accusing her of stealing money for the election recounts, accusing her of giving the country President Trump, all based on no evidence whatsoever. As Stein relates in her recent interview with Jeremy Scahill on the Intercepted Podcast, the photo of her sitting at a dinner table with Vladimir Putin depicted nothing nefarious, the Green Party still has two active lawsuits over the recounts, and there is no mathematical basis for blaming her for Clinton’s loss. …

In a corporatist system of government, which America unquestionably has, corporate media is the same as state media. It is propaganda. These immensely powerful media conglomerates collaborate to ensure that the US status quo which has been so friendly to their billionaire owners continues to make emperors of the wealthy and serfs of everyone else. The press, the only profession explicitly protected in the Constitution, exists in its most celebrated forms today not to create an informed populace as originally intended by America’s founding fathers, but to actively deceive the peasants into collaborating with their own serfdom. It is used to transform them into human livestock, whose efforts are funneled straight into expanding the empire of America’s ruling elites. …

— Caitlin Johnstone

Mussolini said fascism is the merger of corporations with the state.  I would modify that a bit.  The only additional ingredient to fascism is time.  Corporatism supplies the infrastructure of fascism but it still takes time to incorporate it into the police and military mindset.   We are nearly there.