False Flag Operations in the War Against Iraq

I link to this article from other articles on the site but thought it sufficiently important to include here in its entirety.   [note: I see some of the links are now dead.  I’ll see if I can locate them on archive.org -rw]

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The luciferian-colonized USA is already the hub of outsourced torture in the world and has been at least since the 80’s cocaine-financed wars against latin america to make the region safe for death-squad-patrolled sweat shops that compete with american manufacturing.  The central bankers are, after all, the most powerful empire the world has ever seen.   They captured the USA in 1913 with the passage of the federal reserve act.

Successfully fleeing ISIS-held Mosul does not necessarily guarantee safety and an end to the misery for Iraqi civilians, especially for military-age males, according to a photographer who has witnessed and documented the brutal and sometimes deadly interrogation tactics of an elite unit.

Excruciating sounds of pain piercing the walls of the elite Emergency Response Division (ERD) intelligence headquarters are heard in taped footage as four soldiers interrogated two brothers. …