The Blindness of the Left

Not that the right is much better, but as a former “liberal” (I took the word to mean tolerant of even ideas that I oppose and motivated to serve life) it pains me to see how easy it is to channel such altruistic intent into the most vile ends.

Bilderberg is close to the pinnacle of power in this world.   If you claim to be anti-war, anti-fascist, anti-sexist, anti-racist (although the latter two problems are really derivatives of the first two utilized in the usual divide-and-conquer strategy) and you know nothing about bilderberg or the pyramid that it represents, you are nothing more than controlled opposition.

Politics is a diversion.   The power behind the throne is where the action is.   If you want to know how the invisible government has managed to stay invisible while methodically and scientifically perpetuating and expanding itself over generations, all while maintaining and expanding a great deal of control over not just the visible government, but over pretty much every major political, legal, law enforcement, economic, religious, social, media, medical, human rights and even to some extent hard scientific institution,  often right down to the municipal level, the short answer is banking, blackmail and bribery PLUS TIME.   Once a key position is infiltrated, it’s used to facilitate the infiltration of subsidiary or peer positions. Grooming for upper level positions starts in college and even high school, sometimes even childhood.

Politics is only important insofar as it is used to provide a cover of legitimacy to the ongoing subterfuge, corruption and invisible network of control which is hollowing out the social infrastructure of the western world.   Trump represents a different faction of the elite, one which is not overtly satanic or genocidal.   His brand of genocide is only incidental to the “corporate rights” model which is a cornerstone of the entire economy.    His unexpected victory bought us a little time, but he is totally surrounded and embattled by the larger satanic system.   His independent wealth and small network of wealthy nationalist constituents have given him some room to maneuver, and his private army of bodyguards have essentially protected him from the thoroughly compromised and infiltrated secret service, which was instrumental in JFK’s murder and subsequent coverup.   Most crucially, his office gives him the political and legal power to expose the larger system to the brainwashed sheep on the street.   Seriously, we totally dodged a bullet with hillary.   At least he doesn’t seem to be under blackmail control.

After 30 years of doing info gathering and dissemination on the net I thought I had a pretty complete picture of the world.  It was only very recently  that I went to the next level, when I came to understand that satanism was not just an obscure occult religion with little relevance to the real world, but  a highly successful business model for organized crime, and beyond that, it is the PRIMARY ORGANIZING FORCE IN WESTERN CIVILIZATION TODAY.  Seriously.   They’ve been at this for a very long time.  My background is in physics and math so I’ve tried to use the scientific method, at least to the extent that it can be used when deliberate deception is the rule.  And this is the conclusion I have come to.   Actually once you understand the central banksters’ business model and the hoard of wealth they must have access to, it’s the only conclusion with any explanatory value.   Still, it took Kerth’s revelations and the franklin coverup and related material before I was willing to go there.   I was a late-bloomer.

Anyway, to get back to original topic, I ran across this article on In case you’re wondering, yes Alex Jones is obnoxious, his whiskey voice grates on my nerves, he often exaggerates when numbers are involved, he’s a terrible interviewer and I don’t like a lot of his politics.  And he is an absolute HERO.  If humanity survives the next few years, it will be largely because of him and people like him.   Of course there are other more (authentically) liberal REAL news sites on the net, but consider his demographic: he regularly has government insiders and military on his show, people who would never consider going on the likes of democracy now, even if DN was still a source of real news. He also has a viable business model, especially with his nutraceutical supplements, which are real and authentically health-supporting.  That’s why infowars is still around, despite all the powers arrayed against it.   The free market has its place, especially when you consider what has happened to europe under codex alimentarius.   The problem is one of scale (grassroots vs corporate).   DN shows what corporate foundation funding can do to a news organization.

Why Won’t the Left Attack Bilderberg, The Real 1% Dominated by White Males?

Bilderberg is the PERFECT enemy for the Left

Kit Daniels
June 3, 2017

Why does the Left ignore Bilderberg when it’s literally made up of mostly white males who represent .0001% of the world’s population?

Bernie Sanders launched an entire presidential campaign on striking back against the 1%, and he was also a proponent of diversity, so why won’t Bernie supporters speak out against Bilderberg?

The secretive group currently meeting in Chantilly, Virginia, is the source of all the problems Bernie Sanders campaigned on.

“[Bilderberg is] trumpeting the diversity of a conference where less than 25% of the participants are female, which would be a huge step forward, if it were currently 1963,” the Guardian’s Charlie Skelton pointed out. “And as for racial diversity, there are more senior executives of Goldman Sachs at this year’s Bilderberg than there are people of color.”

“Perhaps by ‘diverse’ they mean that some of the participants own hedge funds, whereas others own vast industrial conglomerates. Some are on the board of HSBC, others are on the board of BP. Some are lobbyists, others are being lobbied. That sort of thing.”

So why won’t the Left separate itself from corporate-controlled globalism? You would think a group of unelected bankers and corporate masters controlling the fate of humanity would be the PERFECT enemy of the Left.

Especially when they’re old, white elitists.

The Left is predominantly anti-war, yet Bilderberg was behind many of the world’s major conflicts.

The Left is for eradicating poverty, yet Bilderberg wants to concentrate the world’s wealth and resources to a handful of people.

The Left is for diversity, yet Bilderberg and similar global bodies lack diversity despite steering major world events.

The Left demands open, representative democracy, yet Bilderberg meets in secret behind closed doors without a record of the proceedings.

So why won’t liberals dump the globalists and stand up for the values that supposedly represent the Left?

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The Obvious Problem With Secret Societies