The CIA and the Crack Cocaine Epidemic

Just like clockwork, when the CIA had big operations going in southeast asia, heroin and opium were the scourge of the streets in the USA.   When they had the contra war going full swing in latin america, cocaine flooded the streets.   When afghanistan became a hub of CIA activity, opium made  a big comeback.   Do you see a pattern here?   And do you see how peasant farmers in southeast asia, latin america and afghanistan have no way to smuggle the tonnage, let alone launder the massive profits of drug sales to the west?  This requires bypassing customs enforcement on a wholesale basis and insider access to big-time banking interests that can handle hundreds of billions annually.  There’s only one entity that can shepherd the merchandise from farm to market and the profits from the market to the financial system.  Mike Ruppert called them “wall street’s private army.”  The cocaine importation agency.   You’d be mistaken to think that they’re corrupt.   They’re not working for you, in fact that’s their biggest cover story.  They’re utterly reliable and faithful to their real masters, the luciferian central banking cartel and their courtesans in london and wall street.

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Beside its social destabilization and prison/slavery industry functions, the fake “war on drugs” is a last-ditch mechanism for propping up the dollar.   The human collateral damage is just a side benefit for the luciferians:

The Big White Lie, by New York Times best-selling author and former DEA undercover agent, Michael Levine, is a fly-on-the-wall look at the top-secret deep cover operation that ripped the lid off CIA sabotage of the War on Drugs. The New York Times described the book as a “hair-raising” non-fiction book that “moves with the speed of a first-rate thriller.” Publishers Weekly gave it a starred review calling it a “shocking exposé.” Follow Levine, called “America’s top undercover agent” by 60 Minutes, into the world of ruthless drug barons, kill-crazy assassins, secret police and corrupt government officials. The trail leads to the breathtakingly beautiful woman whom Pablo Escobar called “The Queen of Cocaine” — Sonia Atala. Levine, posing as Sonia’s lover, barely escapes the operation with his life but not before learning that America’s true enemies in the War on Drugs are not found in the jungles of South America but in the basements and back rooms of CIA headquarters.

Operation Hun begins when Sonia Atala, deemed too powerful by the male dominated-cocaine aristocracy, is targeted for death. She strikes a secret deal: in return for protection, she will give DEA its first look into the inner workings of the organizations controlling the gusher of cocaine pouring into the US. Levine, posing as Sonia’s half-Sicilian, half-Puerto Rican Mafioso lover and business partner, is now targeted by her enemies. Supplied with a mansion, a fleet of luxury cars, an undercover Mafia crew, and a planeload of cocaine as props, he lures them to his luxurious home to settle their differences on hidden DEA video. It should have been enough evidence to indict those in control of the flow of cocaine into the US. But nothing was as it seemed. Levine discovers that Sonia has a secret: she is manipulating DEA with the help of covert and powerful forces in the US government to selectively destroy her enemies while leaving the cocaine pipeline intact.

Read The Big White Lie and experience the darkest secrets of America’s War on Drugs for yourself — from one who has lived it.

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If a ‘narcodemocracy’ means that the government is completely corrupt, that the government is involved in drugs, that the influence of drug traffickers reaches the top levels of government, then the United States is a ‘narcodemocracy’.”

Michael Levine, 25 year DEA veteran
Author of “The Big White Lie: The CIA and the Cocaine/Crack Epidemic”

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