New Social Engineering Construct: Vaccinationism

Just as it’s sexist to question Hillary’s honesty or integrity, racist to question Obama’s trail of police state EO’s or his mass importation of CIA-trained and brainwashed muslims, fascist to question the demonstrably fascistic media’s obsession with dumping on Trump or the fascistic funding sources of violent anti-trump “antifa” riots, paranoid to know too much about physics to believe the 9/11 fairy tale, clinically insane to know the MSM-verified facts about the franklin coverup or its connection to pedogate etc etc etc, the brave new mainstream media (no irony here, it’s always been “mainstream”), has coined the term “anti-vaccine” to describe people who question the unprecedented profit-driven medical assault on american children with needles and toxic chemicals in the total absence of legal or financial liability for injury.

But in order to publicly endorse extralegal violence against such people you have to have an officially recognized and endorsed group against which such skepticism can be classified as “hate speech”. Thus the implicit legal creation of Vaccinationism, a new state religion. To question such practices is to engage in anti-vaccinationism, which of course means that you hate children and want to spread pandemics throughout the population. Obviously we must be able to protect ourselves from such people. Thus committing violence against them is only a form of self-defense.

(Natural News) The mainstream media has just been given a green light by the Massachusetts Attorney General to openly publish death threats against so-called “anti-vaxxers” (a derogatory term which means anyone who questions the sanity of injecting children with mercury, a brain-damaging heavy metal and known neurotoxin). Proof of this is found in the letter shown below.

BACKGROUND: Following the Boston Herald’s call for anti-vaxxers to be “hanged to death”, Natural News issued an urgent action item for readers and fans to report the Boston Herald to law enforcement authorities. A wave of complaints hit the Boston FBI, Boston Police and the Massachusetts Attorney General, requesting criminal investigations into the Boston Herald for its unabashed call for anti-vaxxers to be executed in the same way black slaves were once lynched in America.

In response, as shown in the letter below, the Massachusetts Attorney General has declared it will not investigate the matter.

Of course, if you or I openly declared we were going to murder a journalist who worked at the Boston Herald, the investigation would be swift and highly publicized, but when the Boston Herald calls for the murder of people like us, the state government says that’s not worth investigating, and no other mainstream media outlet covers the story.

In other words, the Massachusetts government has just told anti-vaxxers that you must now take up your own self-defense against journo-terrorists, since the “authorities” in government refuse to apply the law to those who work at the Boston Herald. Your lives are now in danger. You are being targeted by the Boston Herald and any number of psychopaths who may be motivated by the Herald’s call for mass murder. The government has now declared it will do nothing to stop the calls for murder by “journalists” as long as they are targeting people who oppose toxic vaccine ingredients. …

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