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Many of the articles here are linked to as footnotes for other articles, creating a branched tree-like network of nodes of information.    HTML links are one-way of course, in general  you can’t easily navigate backwards up the tree to find the most relevant articles that link to a given page without resorting to opening up another tab or window and using a search engine, a fairly laborious process that most people don’t bother with.

For instance if A links to B to support some point made in A, but you only stumble onto B, you  might not know anything about A but it might have valuable information that ties B into a larger web of knowledge and understanding.

With wordpress it’s easy to navigate backwards up the tree.   At the bottom of each article is a comments section which contains “pingback” links to the articles that link to it.  Very powerful.  Check it out.

(note: it seems this doesn’t always work, apparently a bug in WP.  But it works often enough to be useful)

I oftentimes revisit old articles to add new footnotes (pingbacks) which will appear in the comments rss feed which is linkable on the bottom right.   This feed is a convenient way to keep abreast of such edits.

Also of course the title bar lists the main sections such as the global site index (chronologically ordered), the references (links to enduringly important information, needs updating I know!  Use the contact form if you have suggestions) and the podcasts from the old radio show.

Finally, due to the dynamic nature of the internet, you’ll probably find that some of the older links and videos no longer work.   Many old pages can be found among the backups at (use the “wayback machine”).   The videos tend to be more problematic but two strategies for locating other copies is to search for the youtube hash (the gibberish at the end of the URL) or the video title.   You may find that someone has reposted the video elsewhere.   If you find a broken link and (more importantly) a backup for a broken link, please let us know via the contact form.

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