The Progressive Movement and the Untold Origins of the Federal Reserve

… The Federal Reserve Act of December 23, 1913, was part and parcel of the wave of Progressive legislation, on local, state, and federal levels of government, that began about 1900. Progressivism was a bipartisan movement which, in the course of the first two decades of the twentieth century, transformed the American economy and society from one of roughly laissez-faire to one of centralized statism.

Until the 1960s, historians had established the myth that Progressivism was a virtual uprising of workers and farmers who, guided by a new generation of altruistic experts and intellectuals, surmounted fierce big business opposition in order to curb, regulate, and control what had been a system of accelerating monopoly in the late nineteenth century. A generation of research and scholarship, however, has now exploded that myth for all parts of the American polity, and it has become all too clear that the truth is the reverse of this well-worn fable….

Zielinski – the movie

John is a very intense man, but it takes intensity to carry the message he is carrying. Thanks to recent events, he no longer has to scream into the wind. We believe him. We respect his tenacity. We appreciate his clarity and ability to tell the story well.

Anthony Sutton: Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler and Communism

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The luciferians care nothing about ideologies.   They  invent them as needed to justify the socioeconomic structure that they always want to impose: unquestioned concentrations of wealth and power and unquestioning obedience to the state (i.e. the luciferians who control the central bank behind the state).

Nazism (and italian fascism ) was largely a project of the anglo-american financial sector, which feared the rise of a rival trading bloc via the synthesis of German industrial might with the resource-rich USSR ( ).    Its PR front glorified the aryan “ubermenschen” as pillars of a national will, cells in a German life force which was to inherit the earth, when the superior race would share in the spoils (eugenics was invented by western robber barons, btw, not by hitler).

In a spooky parallel with modern-day America, the family structure of pre-nazi Germany was thoroughly infiltrated and corrupted by a luciferian-like ideology of child rearing promoted by the medical authorities of the day (  )  which no doubt contributed to the sociopathic mindset of the nazis, as its neonatal/obstetrical analog probably contributes to the widespread sociopathy in the USA today.  ( , )

Nazism had widespread appeal in the context of the resurgent nationalism in Germany at the time, which was acquainted with the disaster of “democracy” under luciferian-imposed hyper-inflation and chafed under the reparations regime imposed after WWI.  It also had a pseudo-spriritual occult element (apparently based on a british version of luciferianism, as it turns out, see ) and, for the non-believers, a pseudo-scientific eugenical element.   And of course, a little something for the kids:

Bolshevism’s PR was more aligned with the largely agricultural economy in  russia at the time.   The religion of atheism provided the philosophical justification for state worship and centralized control via an empty gesture to “science” as expressed by the dogma of natural selection (totally inadequate to explain how life came about in the first place, see biocomplexity  and without even an empirical acknowledgement of the common experience of non-locally connected causality (historically known as spirituality,  see Godel’s theorem and quantum entanglement).   How atheists muster the faith needed to get out of bed in the morning or even keep their bodies from imploding into entropy soup is beyond me.   We are already embedded in the spirit world.   Like a fish in water, you can’t see it.    It is you.  It is everything which lives, at any metabolic rate.  It is embedded in space-time and mass-energy and mathematics.  “You” can’t “understand” this sentence without it.   We are dynamical godelian systems in search of completeness.  That’s “why” “you” are reading this.

Under communist ideology,

the dictatorship of the proletariat [was] the intermediate system between capitalism and communism, when the government is in the process of changing the ownership of the means of production from private to collective ownership. It is termed dictatorship because it retains the ‘state apparatus’ as such, with its implements of force and oppression.

Somehow they forgot to implement the final communist utopia:

a socioeconomic order structured upon the common ownership of the means of production and the absence of social classes, money, and the state

The inherent instability of such a state of affairs is evident from by a little reflection on how nature “self-organizes” monocultures: they collapse from the first opportunistic infection.  Unless everyone is somehow robotically controlled, this stupidly linear approximation to utopia would quickly lapse into winner-take-all barbarism. But of course the luciferians knew that all along. Communism was a trojan horse from the beginning, as is evident from marx’s pitting of the poor (proletariat) against the middle class (bourgeoisie, the biggest threat to elite rule due to their education and relative wealth), and his silence on the inherently unstable and wealth-concentrating nature of debt-based money and even, as it turns out, by the interest-charging central bank of the USSR.

Karl Marx being congratulated by JP Morgan, JD Rockefeller, et al. St. Louis Post Dispatch circa 1911
Karl Marx being congratulated by JP Morgan, JD Rockefeller, et al. St. Louis Post Dispatch circa 1911

Who financed Lenin and Trotsky?

Skull-and-bonesman Mao did a dandy job addressing the luciferian obsession with population reduction.


See how they all glorified the central leadership?  Also  how they used the feminine images to manipulate the men.   Not at all unlike modern male-genitally-mutilated american public relations.

Nazi atrocity

Bolshevik famine

China’s cultural revolution

Am I reading too much into this?

Islam combines religious, political, economic and military doctrines into a single highly centralized and authoritarian package, complete with equal opportunity genital mutilation of screaming children and all its associated psychological, social, sexual and marital pathologies, unquestioning obedience to allah as interpreted by mohammed and his present-day representatives, and total subjugation of the more neurologically empathic sex ( ), complete with severe punishment for heretics and non-believers.   Uh huh.   Seriously?

The Muslim Weapon

Perhaps more to the point:

Not to be chauvinistic, but if there’s one thing the american revolution taught us, it’s that WE DON’T NEED THEM. THEY’RE VERY BAD NEWS.   VERY SICK AND DEFORMED CREATURES.  But they’re very good at what they do.

It’s always been a battle between solar- quantum- and complexity-powered spontaneous grassroots creation based on love and empathy, and luciferian combine harvesters based on the money changers’ poisonous ideologies and debt-based currency deception.   (Who owned the interest-charging central bank of the USSR anyway?)

Censored: Ben Franklin on the Real Cause of the American Revolution

Grassroots self-organization doesn’t need ideologies, it only needs communities.  There is no right or wrong way to create a community.   The closest approximation to a workable community on a national level that I know of was the original vision in the constitution: a weak national government with separation of powers coordinating a federation of states built from largely economically-autonomous counties, villages and neighborhoods, an axiomatic foundation of individual human rights (justified through the declaration of independence’s invocation of the creator, apparently to satisfy the lawyers of the day), but with the additional and much needed step of the adoption of the american monetary act ( ), which would complete the american project.     The general idea is only slight dilution of political power at each step down the hierarchy, with entangled loops of power and production flow throughout (instead of funneling everything to the top) and there is no capstone.   The general idea is freedom instead of slavery.

Anarchism doesn’t work for the same reason that amazonian tribes don’t stand a chance against corporate colonizers.   We need a national defense and an honest national currency and those necessitate a national governing structure.

My guess is that the central bankers’ “Great Depression”, more accurately called the “Great Ripoff”,  ( ) was deliberately timed with their financing of fascism in germany and italy (and near-overthrow of the USA, see ) so that the resulting economic desperation could be channeled into the “correct” political solution.   An early version of the Shock Doctrine.

In the present day, the transparently bogus “hope and change” BS put forth by the death-squad-complicit american media, which trump’s election  temporarily siderailed, was apparently intended to channel the carefully manufactured economic catastrophe which is nearly upon us into the luciferians’ next version of a totalitarian nightmare.

But now they have a new tool and a new goal: economic globalism and global governance.  Just as the luciferian-created and governed “united nations” was supposedly the remedy for the luciferian-imposed world wars (see this re: WWI: and  ) (btw: note the UN’s silence regarding the USA’s all-but-publically proclaimed plans for starting WWIII ), global governance is supposed to be the remedy for “human-induced global warming”.

The Real Enemy: YOU

Global depopulation will be the inevitable outcome of the financialisation of CO2 emissions (surprise!)  On the other hand, the AGW crowd’s much-vaunted computer models are wildly inaccurate, and their funders are notably silent on the very real crises of toxic industrial pollution and genetic vandalism.  Probably because they profit from both.  Probably because they’re luciferians and “there is no god but lucifer, and money is his profit.”  I say f*ck lucifer or whatever you want to call IT.  It is is nothing more than a business model, an institutionalized bad habit with an associated aural matrix, a parasite which sucks life from god’s living spirits.  Its adherents are slaves.  I prefer to be free.


The Obvious Problem With Secret Societies

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“Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution, it has obviously succeeded not only in producing more efficient and dedicated administration, but also in fostering high morale and community of purpose. The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao’s leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history.”

—David Rockefeller, statement about Mao Tse-tung in The New York Times, August 10, 1973

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