Tatum Chronicles: Flight Logs of a CIA Cocaine Runner

Original is part of the Ted Gunderson Report collection referenced from: http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2014/12/franklin-coverup-the-white-house-call-boy-ring/  the top level of the collection is at: http://members.tranquility.net/~rwinkel/stuff/Gunderson/

Transcript is at http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/RANCHO/POLITICS/MENA/TATUM/tatum.html

It seems (probable skull and bonesman) Bill Clinton ran Arkansas in true mob-boss style, and played tweedle-dum to GHW Bush’s tweedle-dee in their presidential “contest”, as fellow “skull and bonesmen” John Kerry and W Bush did in 2004.  (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yOF713wOD4 ) Here’s a brief excerpt:

… I was instructed that in addition to our normal MEDEVAC missions, my duties included a covert group of missions. The control word for these missions was Pegasus. All Pegasus missions took priority over normal medical evacuation missions. Major Rodriguez also instructed me as to my “chain of command.” Missions could be ordered by any of the following:

  • Oliver North – Assistant National Security Advisor to the White House
  • Amiram Nir – Former Israeli Intelligence Officer (Mossad) and Advisor to Vice President Bush
  • Felix Rodriguez – CIA

Normal aviation support provided by Pegasus missions included flights to the following areas:
Ilapongo, El Salvador : This was where Corporate Air Services, a CIA owned aviation company, was based.
Contra Camps, Honduras and Nicaragua : Various Nicaraguan rebel camps were located in the jungles and mountains along the Nicaraguan/Honduran border….

The following morning our air crew departed La Cieba for Palmerola Air Base. During the next week, our missions were equally mixed between Pegasus flights into Contra villages and medevac support of U.S. military and Contra casualties. One common denominator on all Pegasus missions was the movement of large white coolers in and out of the Contra camps. They were always sealed and marked as medical supplies.On October 23rd, 1986, a C-123 cargo plane loaded with arms and ammunition was shot down over Nicaragua. The sole survivor of the crash was captured by the Nicaraguan military and taken to Managua for interrogation. During interrogation, Eugene Hasenfus would reveal to the Ortega led Nicaraguan government that the aircraft which was shot down was owned by the U.S. government and that he was on the payroll of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).  Although the United States vehemently denied ownership of the aircraft and any knowledge of employing Mr. Hasenfus, subsequent investigations proved out Mr. Hasenfus’ allegations to be true.

Dubbed the “Iran-Contra” affair by Attorney General Edwin Meese, President Reagan, denying any knowledge of U.S. involvement, called for a special investigation to “look” into these absurd allegations.

At a cost of over $40 million the investigation yielded only a few prosecutions for minor infractions. It is curious that neither the Select Committee on Secret Military Assistance To Iran and the Nicaraguan Opposition subcommittee tasked with the congressional investigation of the Iran-Contra, nor the office of the Special Prosecutor assigned to investigate criminal wrong-doings which occurred during the Iran-Contra Affair, subpoenaed any active duty military personnel assigned to the border area of Nicaragua/Honduras. Had the service members been called to testify concerning the daily training/resupply, and support of the Contras, it would have been determined that the Boland Act, which prohibited any efforts of the United States or its military to support the Contra effort, was being violated. Testimony by military personnel would have also revealed that military aircraft and supplies were used to support the shipment of cocaine from manufacturing facilities co-located with CIA supported Contra camps. Why weren’t we called to testify?

The following documents were filed with base operations at Palmerola Air Base, Honduras between February and May of 1985. This was a full two years prior to the world ever hearing the names Oliver North or Iran/Contra. The documents were filed and stored through the years by the Honduran Military. Recent attempts to locate the documents proved successful. I have compiled the military documents in chronological order which follows a week-by-week sequence of events involving political, military, and intelligence officials from various countries.As you read the Chronicles, you will find:

A. Flight Plans These are international flight plans filed in conjunction with the 1985 flights. Information includes the name of the crew members, destinations of the flight, and passenger names. Many flight plans will have remarks which were made by the pilots. These remarks were written on the reverse side of the flight plan.

B. Mission Briefs Prior to each flight and at the completion of the flight, any irregularities or information affecting the mission would be briefed and included in the comments section of the mission brief.

26 February, 1985

Wally World, our intelligence compound at Palmerola Air Base, tasked us with a mission requiring us to fly two civilian pilots to one of the largest Contra villages on the Honduran side of the Nicaragua/Honduras border. The names of our passengers as noted in Section 19 of the Department of Defense flight plan filed with Base Operation prior to departure from Palmerola (MHCG) were Bill Cooper and Buzz Sawyer. We departed at 1630Z (Greenwich Means Time). During the flight, Mr. Cooper told us that they worked for Corporate Air Services, a CIA proprietary, based out of Ilapongo Air Base, El Salvador. They were meeting with Contra leaders to coordinate air drops of arms and ammunition to various Contra camps. We arrived at El Paraiso, Honduras without incident. The meeting between the pilots and Contra leaders lasted just over an hour. At the termination of the meeting we were given a white cooler marked “vaccine” and instructed to deliver the cooler to a US Air Force C-130 at La Mesa Airport. Upon arrival at La Mesa Airport in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, the cooler was dropped by two of our crew members. It weighed in excess of 200 pounds. The seal broke on the cooler. I picked up some aviation tape commonly called “hundred mile an hour” tape to reseal the vaccine cooler. I gave the crew leave to get lunch ordered. I stayed to refuel the helicopter and reseal the cooler. Messrs. Cooper and Sawyer went to eat and wait for their flight to El Salvador. When I removed the torn tape from the cooler, I saw that the contents consisted of a number of bags of a white powdery substance. There was over one hundred bags of what appeared to be cocaine. I resealed the cooler and continued refueling the aircraft. About two hours following our arrival, the U.S. Air Force C-130 bound for Panama finally arrived to pick up the vaccine….

We arrived late in the night, about 10:30 pm. Dr. Lasater was not waiting for us, so we began our post-flight of the aircraft and flight planning for our next leg to Houston’s Hobby Airport. About 12:15am a limousine, followed by a van, and unmarked law enforcement vehicle, arrived at the FBO. Dr. Lasater was the first out of the limo. I recognized him from a previous flight. He was followed by two others. Dr. Lasater introduced himself to me, apparently not realizing we had met before, and asked if we were the aircraft with the donor organs. I told him that we had the coolers and pointed at them in the rear of the aircraft. Doug, our crew chief, helped Lasater’s limo driver with the coolers. The heavy cooler went into the limo and the light cooler was loaded into the van. Dr. Lasater introduced me to the two gentlemen with him. First, we were introduced to the Governor of Arkansas, Governor William J. Clinton, and then his security chief, Raymond “Buddy” Young. At this point, Mr. Young recognized me and stated so. I was then introduced to a third man standing at the limo. We were invited to stay the night and accepted. (After all, I thought, they may want to talk to me when they find the note I left in the lighter cooler.)

After returning to Ft. Campbell on Friday, I called Director Colby and told him of the delivery and my discovery. I told him that when I opened the cooler, which was ultimately taken by Governor Clinton, it contained several kilos of an off-white powdery substance and lots of money.

The coolers which were delivered to Arkansas were identical to the one I just discovered at La Mesa Airport in Honduras containing cocaine. I decided that I had best begin documenting our cargo for the flight crew’s safety. I went to operations and noted the cocaine on the back of the flight plan….
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Globalization 2.0: Puppeteers Allow China Into the Limelight

James Corbett | April 29, 2017

Two weeks ago I discussed the baby steps that China and Russia are taking toward creating an alternative financial infrastructure to the SWIFT Network and the Washington Consensus (read: Wall Street Consensus). The steps may be small, but they’re all going in the same direction: away from a US/NATO-led world order and toward a world where there is a China/Russia-led alternative.

The latest example of this Chinese-led world order will be on display in Beijing in mid-May when heads of state from 28 different nations convene the first Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation. The forum comes amid a flurry of diplomatic activity between China and a spate of countries along China’s proposed trillion dollar “Silk Road Economic Belt” and “Maritime Silk Road” known as the “Belt and Road Initiative” (BRI).

This diplomatic activity, much of which has been making headlines in recent weeks, includes:

  • A pledge to deepen cooperation between Greece and China as part of the BRI.
  • A commitment to strengthen ties between Egypt and China under the BRI framework.
  • An offer to involve India in the BRI, starting with the BRI forum in Beijing next month.
  • An agreement between Russia and China to “conjugate” their relationship in the BRI and the Eurasian Economic Union.
  • And even, incredibly, an invitation for the US to join the “symphony” of the BRI and the Chinese-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).

And that’s just the headlines from April. You may not know it if you’re only consuming #fakenews from the western MSM propaganda outlets, but the American-led world order of the post-WWII era is being severely tested right now.

So it looks like freedom is on the march and the globalists are on the run. Right, gang? We’ve got this globalism thing licked! Bye bye to the American Empire and hello peace, cooperation and stability!

…If only. Sadly, as I stressed last month, these new initiatives aren’t really steps away from globalism, they’re just steps toward the creation of a different global order. Globalization 2.0, if you will.

But don’t take my word for it. “Globalization 2.0” is exactly what the Chinese government is calling it. Meet the new globalization, only cosmetically different from the old globalization.

In their recent article on “China’s Belt and Road Initiative ushers in ‘Globalization 2.0’,” the (Communist party mouthpiece) People’s Daily contrasts the post-WWII, American-led “Globalization 1.0” of “aggressive” economic growth and “imbalanced development” with the balanced, inclusive growth of the beloved Chinese Communist Party’s Belt and Road Initiative. The article quotes “renowned Chinese experts” from the (Communist Party run) Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, who make the case for the government’s proposed globalization reboot with all the patriotic fervor of an academic with a gun barrel pressed to his temple:

According to Zhang Yunling, director of the academic division of International Studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), humanity entered the era of “Globalization 1.0” after World War II, focusing on connecting the world via multilateral and regional cooperation. Prior to 2008, Globalization 1.0 has indeed promoted rapid economic growth, but the anti-globalization trend is always waiting, ready to strike, as imbalanced development between regions and communities is inevitable, Zhang noted.

The Belt and Road Initiative, on the other hand, offers a distinctly Chinese way of looking at global governance and cooperation.

“The versions of globalization led by the East and the West are different. The West tends to be more aggressive, while the East emphasizes inclusiveness. That makes homogeneity one of the key factors in cooperation, but we are trying to show that heterogeneity does not necessarily get in the way of cooperation,” said Ren Jingjing, another expert with CASS…..

For those of you who are still thinking that anything is better than the American-led globalization of the last 50 years, I have some bad news. As I’ve pointed out many, many times in numerous reports over the last few years, it is the same cabal of globalists who created the current mess who are shepherding China’s rise and the creation of the Chinese-led “globalization 2.0.” Although I’ve provided numerous examples of this in those above-mentioned reports, one just has to look at the latest headlines to find yet another example of this false dialectic at work:

World Bank Group, China-led AIIB agree to deepen cooperation.”

Meet the new globalization, same as the old globalization.

The only thing left to say is that the false choice between the Chinese-led world order and the American-led world order are not the only options on the table. It is still possible for free humanity to withdraw its participation from the statist systems of control (economic, financial, monetary, commercial and social) that under gird this system of regional competition for global dominance. But if this is a race to the finish line, then free humanity is far behind and time is running out. …


Since north america is moving into a resource extraction (“3rd world”) role in the the new global economic system, americans should be asking themselves what china covets in this region and whether the chinese system will be any less brutal in its messianic zeal to globalize its internal dynamics than the older echo chamber in washington and london.   We are dealing with organic systems here, not people, and organic systems need growth.  And at the top, as Corbett says, it’s still the same old system pulling the strings, which BTW would profit immensely by replicating the disaster capitalist wet dream that benefited the USA after WWII (the devastation of europe) in a WWIII scenario (the devastation of the USA) with china taking over the role of global industrial powerhouse.

Contrast washington’s approach to national defense, for example vis-a-vis bomb shelters, with that of russia and china, while it continues to  goad and prod them into geostrategic corners.   Heck, washington won’t even spend a dime on hardening the US electrical grid against EMP’s, which could just as easily come from the sun as from a weapon.   The years of neglect of the US infrastructure  speaks volumes about the TPTB’s plans for this country.   Islam will fit right in.

It’s just business, and if there’s anything the luciferians are good at, it’s business.  The whole world is their plantation.

2013: Another Chinese State Mouthpiece Demands Obama Disarm Americans

Can you guess why they care?  It’s because they LOVE us.

Beijing state media calls for “urgent gun control” in US

Global Times, a newspaper described as an “angry Chinese government mouthpiece,” recently published an editorial in which it called for “urgent gun control,” in the United States, the second Chinese Communist Party publication to do so within the last month.

The newspaper’s January 17 front page editorial entitled Political inertia hinders gun control actionstates that there is “clearly an urgent need for gun control in the US,” lamenting that it will “be impossible for the country to ban guns.”

Striking an authoritarian tone, the editorial notes how, “The difficulties in promoting gun control show that US society lacks authorities willing and able to push forward reform.” Presumably, if the United States were a one party dictatorship like China, such “reforms” would be far easier to implement.

The editorial goes on to claim “how different China is from the US” and how the failure of gun control legislation “has become an institutional defect” of the United States. The piece even uses the gun control debate in the United States as an example of why the power of China’s ruling Communist dictatorship should not be weakened, arguing that, “China’s social transition cannot be developed into a process of decreasing of authorities.”…


How much imagination does it take to question whether rockefeller promised the actual north american continent to china along with our industrial infrastructure during the pivotal meeting in the penthouse of the chase manhattan bank in 1980?   http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2014/11/corbett-china-and-the-new-world-order/  Would such a promise be more far fetched than what has already happened?  It would be far easier to enforce without the second amendment in the way.

Of course given economic reality china may well be able to buy us out in the next few years without firing a shot, if we don’t get a clue about the absolute mortal necessity of nationalizing the fed and the dollar and issuing debt-free constitutional currency as the founders envisioned 200 years ago.  http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2017/03/censored-ben-franklin-on-the-real-cause-of-the-american-revolution/

When will americans start paying attention?

Brain-rotting toxin killing huge numbers of marine animals on California coast — Die-offs skyrocket over past week

Expert: “It’s worst year we’ve ever seen” — Mass deaths of sea lions, dolphins, birds — Officials warn outbreak is spreading (VIDEOS) …