USA: Land of Psychopaths

Psychopathy across cultures (googled “Robert Hare” epidemiology by country) Psychopathy: Theory, Research and Implications for Society iology+by+country+%22Robert+Hare%22&ots=mBW5X0Spua&sig=k2InS-tz-ZaAwHbAn0vaQ0kr2 3c Page 13: Of 16 studies of european prisoners (prisoner studies N=12, “security patients” N=4) N=2143, Avg score=16.2, SD=8.4 North American Standardized among prisoners: N=1192, Score=23.6, SD=7.9 North American Standardized among general population N=1632, Score=22.8, SD=7.9 Note … Continue reading USA: Land of Psychopaths