USA: Land of Psychopaths

Psychopathy across cultures (googled “Robert Hare” epidemiology by country)

Psychopathy: Theory, Research and Implications for Society

Page 13: Of 16 studies of european prisoners
(prisoner studies N=12, “security patients” N=4)
N=2143, Avg score=16.2, SD=8.4

North American Standardized among prisoners:
N=1192, Score=23.6, SD=7.9

North American Standardized among general population
N=1632, Score=22.8, SD=7.9

Note NA BASELINE is 40% higher than european prisoners!!!
The NA baseline is higher than all but two european surveys

Note also the small difference between NA prisoners & population,
indicative of a nearly “unbiased” imprisonment of “criminals” vs
“regular folks”,  probably an artifact of the drug war.

Is this about differences in birthing practices?

Note that psychopathy is a mindset of slaves because it renders people less capable of acting as a community and a political force.

Also note the similarities between present-day america and pre-nazi germany: