The Muslim Weapon

Let me say off the bat that the west has treated middle east countries barbarically, shamefully, indefensibly, satanically.   Britain installed the bearded beheaders of saudi arabia. The US, britain and israel installed first the shah and then khomeini in iran. The US overthrew a secular government run by a former CIA assassin in iraq and made the rise of islamic fundamentalism there inevitable.  The US printed and distributed radical pro-jihad textbooks to school children in afghanistan.   The US funneled weapons from their manufactured Libya catastrophe to ISIS in syria.

It can hardly be denied that radical political islam is a creation of the west through its decades of hitlerian interference in their internal affairs.   The only question is whether the professional assholes in charge of the US state department and CIA could possibly be surprised at this development.

No.  It is not possible.   They may be rabid psychopaths but they are not idiots.  Implausible deniability is just that.   The consequences of their actions were entirely predictable and therefore entirely intended.  And their use of radical muslims to manufacture a false flag event (9/11, see the top of the reference section) in furtherance of their agenda of conquest demonstrates their continued control of their carefully cultivated creation.

It’s therefore remarkable that the same western governments that drove several generations of formerly tolerant, multi-ethnic middle eastern people (see pre-invasion iraq, syria and libya and even afghanistan and iran before US meddling) completely stark raving mad now seem hell-bent on funneling their manufactured crazies into their own western societies under the laughable pretext of concern for human rights.  There is quite obviously no concern for human rights in US foreign policy.   Frankly, americans are lucky “their” government hasn’t gotten around to torturing and murdering much of the domestic population as they have so many foreigners.   Don’t think it’s not on the table.

None of this make any sense unless the grand satanist Albert Pike’s predictions from the mid-1800’s were more than just speculation.

Radical political islam is apparently a tool of conquest under the control of the permanent transnational government (the NWO).   It is therefore obvious that washington is engaged in high treason.   Their forced muslim migration to europe and the USA is a strategy of domestic destabilization for the purpose of political takeover.  The intent is to extinguish the culture of prosperity, rationality and tolerance which gave rise to the renaissance and the enlightenment, the precursors to the US constitution and bill of rights.  The western middle class is the biggest obstacle to global satanic governance and depopulation.

The funny thing is, americans and muslim radicals have a common enemy.  It’s tragic that the cultural and language barriers between the two groups is nearly insurmountable.  But of course that’s intentional.

It should also be noted that the men of both groups are overwhelmingly genitally mutilated, probably not by accident.  A very  toxic social environment predisposed to violence. We are all slaves to the babylonian priesthood, the luciferian rulers of the planet.   The world is definitely far different than I could have imagined. Are you ready for Sharia law?

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