Surprise! Inter-American Commission on Human Rights is a Luciferian Front

Obviously if you want to enslave and kill a population the very first targets of corruption would be “human rights defenders”.   This is an obvious step in preparation for the mass oppression which is coming in the USA thanks to the TBTF banks.   The same principle applies to the “national center for missing and exploited children” with regard to government-supported child trafficking.  Of course when I say “government” I’m talking about the bad actors in government.  But if the legal arms of the government are incapable of enforcing the law but instead act as accomplices to illegality, one must conclude that the government as an institution is a criminal enterprise.

From: Katherine Hine <>
Sent: Monday, April 24, 2017 12:01 PM
Subject: Open letter to the IACHR re Journalist Janet Phelan
                                            April 24, 2017
To the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights:
I have been in contact with the IACHR for several months now about what, if anything, it plans to do to address investigative journalist Janet Phelan’s July, 2018 [sic] request for precautionary measures (PM 16-559). That petition was filed, using IACHR protocols, in an effort to save her life from ongoing chemical attacks she continues to be subjected to in her home in Mexico. In particular, Ms. Phelan had requested a guard a very few hours per week, among other precautionary measures which were designed to mitigate the efforts to kill her. Such simple measures would have diminished or even stopped the attacks. Yet the IACHR at various times claimed confusion over what was being requested and even expressed confusion about the identity of the state party, which was clearly stated in her request.
Ever since Ms. Phelan filed with the IACHR, we have both been met with evasions and cold indifference. On one occasion – months after it became aware of the emergency nature of her July, 2018 petition – the IACHR had the gall to demand that she re-file in Spanish, despite representations having been made on the IACHR website that English was a permissible language for the complaints. Nevertheless she complied.  And she has complied repeatedly with whatever nonsensical exercise the IACHR has chosen to assign to her – on those rare occasions it chose to communicate at all.
Nine months have passed since she filed her formal request with the IACHR. She is now gravely ill from the repeated attacks, attacks which the IACHR has failed to address through her proper request for precautionary measures. I therefore have to ask if the IACHR intends to address her request at all. Or are you just going to let her die?
To allow an emergency request to sit, unattended to, for nine months is virtually unheard of.  A former IACHR insider informed me last month: “I cannot explain or justify the delay”.  One explanation that comes to mind is that the IACHR has some sort of ties to those inflicting the attacks. This would at least account for its steadfast refusal to explain anything.
The attacks on Ms. Phelan have been escalating dramatically for at least the past month or two and are involving ever more debilitating and pain-inducing chemicals. Ms. Phelan is in a great deal of physical plain and may not have much longer to live as a result of these attacks compounded by the IACHR’s callous indifference.
I am requesting accountability from your organization. I am demanding a response as to why you continue to ignore the attacks on a brave and self sacrificing journalist and human rights defender. 
Here is an article summarizing some of Ms. Phelan’s accomplishments and also detailing the callous indifference of the human rights community in response to her plight: 
Please let me know if I should add the IACHR to the list of human rights organizations which have been politicized to the point that they now could be deemed collaborators with state sponsored terrorists.
Katherine Hine

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