Staged Massacres: Eyewitness Accounts Being Scrubbed from Internet

It’s getting harder and harder to find the original interviews that were posted (broadcast by local stations in the various locales).  Many videos appear to be the real thing until you start playing them and realize they’ve been edited to appear that the uploader is an idiot.  In particular, I still can’t find the sandy hook interview (once widely posted) of the guy in the parking lot outside the school, who talks of someone caught in the nearby woods, with a rifle and wearing military fatigues, being placed into the FRONT seat of a police car.  Also the coroner making odd statements about the whole thing blowing up in their faces at the first press conference.   Even the evidence of the swat-team door kicker “round” which was used to break through the glass at the entrance (found embedded in the wall behind) seems to be gone.

There’s still no shortage of evidence to be found but it’s being lobotomized as we speak.   When the invisible government is done with the internet, there will be nothing but the official story.   And soon after that, the USA will be only a fond and fading memory of a few elderly people whose recollections will be doubted and ignored by the kids.  If you see something that needs to be downloaded, don’t assume someone else will do it.  Firefox has video downloader plugins available.

Let me summarize for the disbelieving kids and the adults who are still embedded in the matrix:  the real government, the invisible state apparatus which is above the law and above media scrutiny, has been waging a systematic campaign of deception, complete with officially sanctioned gun running  mind-altered killers (either psych drugged zombies or mk-ultra mind controlled killers ) and choreographed crisis simulations  aimed at getting the public to accept  that only the government can be trusted with weapons, that the 2nd amendment was only about hunting for food.    It’s up to you to decide why this might be.

It might help to know that the DHS placed an order for thousands of “no hesitation” target-practice photos of americans (pregnant women, children, old men and women) in their own homes trying to protect themselves from the people who are about to kill them, and that many federal agencies are armed to the teeth with hollow-point bullets which they have publicly claimed are for target practice, but which are more expensive than standard bullets and are illegal to use under the laws of war, but legal in domestic enforcement.

It might also help to be familiar with the history of US foreign policy in latin america and the middle east.  And here of course I’m not talking about the official story.  I’m talking about the eyewitness evidence that’s still available but disappearing rapidly.  Witnesses to nazi-like torture training sessions carried out by green berets in el salvador and iran, complete with local “test subjects”, men, woman and children.     Of checks being written and dispensed to death squad members by an american embassy official in el salvador.  An american nun being tortured in the presence of an american embassy official in guatemala.  Mass graves and torture cells discovered in honduras at a former US army base.   Bloody US sponsored coups in indonesia and elsewhere, photos of torture chambers in east timor.  I could go on and on and on (and on).    I really don’t want to.  The photos especially are sick and horrifying.   They never leave your mind.

Another helpful guide to the future is knowledge of the “shock doctrine” strategy, where the central banking cartel deliberately imposes economic catastrophes in order to justify martial law crackdowns which just happen to eliminate the voices of people who know what’s going on and pave the way for economic “reforms” which are better suited to the transnational looters.   The book by that name as well as “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” are instructive in this.  These approaches have been extensively used in latin america and africa.  The USA and europe are probably next, once russia and china are either coopted or neutralized.   This site has numerous articles detailing how the “fed” and its allies deliberately caused both the great depression (more properly called the Great Ripoff) and the 2008 collapse, of which the main return on investment will soon be realized.

The first paradigm shift is the hardest: the USA is a colony of an invisible empire, the most powerful empire in history, the luciferian central banking cartel and their courtesans in international finance and industry.   Their invisible threads of bribery and blackmail control ( ) have nearly saturated the federal government and are well entrenched at the state level.  Their propaganda apparatus is state-of-the art, exceedingly well financed and aimed at their most powerful enemy: the western middle class.  They don’t care how many witnesses are still alive or lying in graves around the 3rd world, the MSM can always be relied on to make them irrelevant.  They only care about maintaining control of their primary source of funding and enforcement: the middle-class fools who still shop at the box stores, eat GMO, get vaccinated and watch TV.

Anyway, all this is a roundabout way of posting a collection of eyewitness accounts I assembled years ago for the benefit of a friend who still resolutely refuses to wake up.   Maybe you’ll be analytical enough to push your emotions aside and see things as they are.   It’s by no means exhaustive, only dealing with 3 well-known massacres when there were probably a dozen or so others over the past 2 decades.   False flag operations have been a staple of statecraft for centuries, and the biggest enemies of the establishment today are awake americans.

Also see the reference section, including the entries on the OKC bombing and the WTC bombing.

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