Persistence of child trafficking belies its government connections

Aside from a few disjointed expose’s over the years, the pattern and the problem remains hidden from view and subject to vigorous denial by the media.  Does this suggest something to you?  It does to me.  Child trafficking and abuse are foundational to the western establishment.   Practically a secular religion, like the almighty god of fractional reserve banking, with no less devastating results.  This obvious reality as well as the obvious realities of the 9/11 false flag and the debt-based money scam are my litmus tests for media credibility.   All of the MSM fails miserably.   What does this say about the ownership of the corporate media?   Would you want your kids playing in their back yard?

Such corruption persists precisely because it has become entrenched into the establishment itself.  Neither can survive without the other.    They are two legs of the same entity, the NWO, which uses children in its invisible network of political control.

Of course it’s extremely telling that genital mutilation is a compulsory medical ritual for infant boys in this country.

Here are some photos from the chicago tribune in 1977.  Since then we’ve been waging wars on drugs, cancer, poverty, terror, communism, war on maybe 20 different countries under one pretext or another, even a war on “fake news”, but NEVER a war on the epidemic of kidnapping, trafficking, torturing and murdering of children IN OUR OWN COUNTRY.  Ever.


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