DTaP Vaccine Associated with Ten-Fold Mortality Increase in Infants

The Introduction of Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis and Oral Polio Vaccine Among Young Infants in an Urban African Community: A Natural Experiment

Søren Wengel Mogensen1
Andreas Andersen1
Amabelia Rodrigues
Christine S Benn
Peter Aaby'Correspondence information about the author Peter Aaby
1Joint first-authorship.
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Claimed “Infiltration” of Muslim Influence in Trump Admin Corroborates NWO Ties

It’s actually no secret that the muslim brotherhood was founded by the UK decades ago.  This just corroborates that the jijad movement is much bigger than just the MB and is still very much under the control of the NWO, which is apparently also in control of trump at this point.   They have washington running around in circles.

Also see: http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2017/04/the-muslim-weapon/