Google Admits To Censoring Infowars, Claims It Will Stop

Just a big misunderstanding I’m sure.  Personally I use duckduckgo and yandex at least as much as I use google.

Google is backing down and has blamed a vendor for wrongfully telling its staff to rank InfoWars as low-quality content, Business Insider reported Monday.

The vendor, hired by Google, uses contractors to rate the quality of websites in order to aid the search engine’s algorithm. Leaked photos showing the vendor targeting an Infowars article were originally posted online this week by independent journalist Mike Cernovich.

Google told Business Insider that it does not order “quality raters” to target specific sites but instead gives “general rules” on how to shape the algorithm.

“Google’s spokesperson distanced the company from the contractor’s instructions, telling Business Insider that it does not instruct quality raters how to grade specific websites, but gives general rules to get unbiased feedback to improve the algorithm,” the article states.

In an official statement, Google said the specific mention of Infowars was removed from the vendor’s training module.

“In this instance, we have confirmed that a vendor we work with sent out more detailed instructions to some raters without our knowledge, which included references to specific sites,” the spokesperson said. “This is in conflict with the intent of our guidelines and the vendor has taken action to remove these references in their training module.” ….

The page rank algorithm is a great idea which mimicks the behavior of the human brain on an internet scale.   Connections which are repeatedly traversed  from dissimilar inputs are reinforced.    This is how diverse ideas are synthesized into something new, and it’s inherently democratic and unbiased at least if you trust masses of people to not be crazy or stupid, which is pretty much the foundation of the whole idea of democracy and self rule.  The only time you’d want humans involved in such processes is to control it for purposes other than information synthesis, like social control.

The Boston Bombing Stage Production: Four Years Later

You should appreciate all the effort your authority figures put into such events.  After all, you’re paying for it.  Also search this site for “boston” and you’ll find most of what we were posting back then.

The Boston Marathon Bombing After Four Years

Paul Craig Roberts

Today, April 15, 2017, is the fourth anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombing, a hoax event performed by crisis actors and tell-tale bright red Hollywood blood. Sheila Casey has done a good job of exposing the hoax just by using the time line and photos of the event.

A number of agencies run training programs in which amputees working as crisis actors have a prosthesis afixed to resemble a bone as a remaining piece of a leg or arm. Casey examines the Boston event by timeline. First the crisis actors are assembled. Then the prosthesis is attached. Then the blood appears.

Notice the photo of Miracle Man laying on his side clutching the back of his left thigh with a straight line sticking out from what appears to be below his knee. This does not resemble a leg bone. Moreover, a person with an injury this severe would not be conscious, and certainly he would not be ignored while aid workers attended to those with lesser injuries. Note also the bright red color of what is pretending to be blood. Many surgeons and trauma medical personnel have testified that blood spilled in injuries is dark red.

Sheila Casey walks you through the hoax. I am convinced that the only victims of the Boston Marathon bombing were the framed Tsarnaev brothers. The older brother was murdered in captivity. The younger brother was also supposed to be killed in the alleged shoot-out with the police, but the operation was botched. The younger brother survived a second episode of police shooting. He was taken into custody, held incommunicato, and assigned an attorney who participated in his conviction. He now awaits execution as his appeals are denied. No one has ever heard his story. We only have alleged confessions, including one allegedly written in his own blood in total darkness as he lay bleeding under the boat where he was found and shot again.

John Remington Graham has filed evidence with the court proving the younger brother’s innocence.

A person has to be extremely gullible and inattentive to believe the official story. But that is what most Americans are.

Boston Bombing: Tsarnev Exonerated, but Will Die Anyway

USA: Land of Psychopaths

Psychopathy across cultures (googled “Robert Hare” epidemiology by country)

Psychopathy: Theory, Research and Implications for Society

Page 13: Of 16 studies of european prisoners
(prisoner studies N=12, “security patients” N=4)
N=2143, Avg score=16.2, SD=8.4

North American Standardized among prisoners:
N=1192, Score=23.6, SD=7.9

North American Standardized among general population
N=1632, Score=22.8, SD=7.9

Note NA BASELINE is 40% higher than european prisoners!!!
The NA baseline is higher than all but two european surveys

Note also the small difference between NA prisoners & population,
indicative of a nearly “unbiased” imprisonment of “criminals” vs
“regular folks”,  probably an artifact of the drug war, which has turned our prisons into universities of crime and despair for the seeming purpose of mass social destabilization.

Is this about differences in birthing practices?

Note that psychopathy is a mindset of slaves because it renders people less capable of acting as a community and a political force.

Also note the similarities between present-day america and pre-nazi germany:

China and Russia Creating Alternate Banking System

James Corbett | April 16, 2017

It may have arrived with little fanfare, but Russia’s SWIFT alternative has, more or less, arrived. Speaking in no uncertain terms at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin late last month, Elvira Nabiullina, the Governor of Russia’s central bank, stated: “We have finished working on our own payment system, and if something happens, all operations in SWIFT format will work inside the country. We have created an alternative.” ….

Facebook to Censor GMO Research as Fake News

Bound and determined to continue burying real news containing facts that it doesn’t like, Facebook has announced a new partnership with ABC News and to filter out fake news from its coveted news feed. These “fact-checkers,” however, have all bought into the biotech industry’s bogus science that claims GMOs and glyphosate are completely safe for humans, animals and the environment.

As reported by Business Insider, the social media site says it will begin fact-checking, labeling and then burying so-called “fake news” and hoaxes, after executives say the company was heavily criticized for its role in “spreading a deluge of political misinformation” during the recent U.S. presidential election.

Facebook, in other words, plans to make official the censorship of non-conformist, truth-filled news reporting that it was caught doing in the months before the election. In an interview with Gizmodo, former Facebook news curators revealed that so-called “conservative” news and reporting was purposely suppressed in favor of far-Left sites that were actually reporting fake news. …

Of course left and right mean nothing these days.  The luciferians fund whichever side suits their purpose at any given time.

U.N. Child Abuse Scandal Is Latest In History Of Sex Crimes Committed By Officials, Peacekeepers

Last week’s report from the Associated Press revealing the bust of a child sex ring run by United Nations peacekeepers in Haiti was far from the first time the United Nations has been associated with child-abuse rings. The U.N. has for decades been rocked by accusations of sex crimes ranging from rape and abuse of women and minors committed in war zones to participation in human trafficking, prostitution and even production of child pornography involving senior U.N. officials and members of foreign governments. The horrific acts often go unpunished as the result of an overly bureaucratic investigation process, with many perpetrators being sent home where they in many cases do not face prosecution in their own state.

I. Abuses in Haiti

On April 12th, 2017, Associated Press (AP) reported the breakup of a child sex ring that was being run in Haiti by Sri Lankan U.N. Peacekeepers between 2004 and 2007. The report revealed that at least 134 peacekeepers abused nine children and that in the wake of the incident, 114 were sent home. None of the abusers were ever charged in connection with the event. AP found that found that some 150 allegations of abuse and exploitation had been reported in Haiti alone between 2004 and 2016, with perpetrators coming from Bangladesh, Brazil, Jordan, Nigeria, Pakistan, Uruguay and Sri Lanka. Public Radio International reported that victims of Pakistani peacekeepers included victims who were mentally disabled. Reuters mentioned that only two of the abusers from Pakistan faced sentencing at home, and were given a mere year in prison for the crime once it was finally investigated by the Pakistani military.

II. Abuses In The Central African Republic And West Africa

Stories similar to those emerging from Haiti have also plagued the U.N.’s missions across Africa. On February 27th, 2016, the Washington Post reported that they had interviewed seven underage victims who claimed that they were sexually abused by peacekeepers from the U.N. MINUSCA mission in the Central African Republic (CAR). The Post also cited reports by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International which documented additional cases of child rape and murder committed by U.N. troops stationed in the CAR.

The shocking incidents first surfaced after an official from the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), Anders Kompass, leaked documents and testimony to whistleblowing organization AIDS-Free World and French prosecutors. Kompass revealed that the abuse had been ongoing since before MINUSCA began in 2014, when French troops were sent to the CAR as part of Operation Sangaris. The abuses included cases of forced bestiality. The leak was just one of many instances which Kompass had heard about from coworkers and contemporaries in other parts of the U.N. Foreign Policy reported in April 2016 that more than 150 accusations of sexual misconduct had been filed by women and children with the U.N., though the true number of victims was likely much higher, with at least 108 cases reported in a single province alone.

Babacar Gaye, the Senegalese head of the U.N.’s mission in the CAR, was fired in the wake of the scandal. Although Anders Kompass was ultimately exonerated for leaking documents and information about the abuses, he resigned from the U.N. in June 2016, citing a total lack of accountability among U.N. officials and his frustration at the impunity with which they had ignored the allegations of misconduct. AIDS-Free World also published additional documents which outlined reports that had surfaced in 2001, revealing additional cases of sexual exploitation by peacekeepers in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

III. Involvement With Human Trafficking In The Balkans

On February 2012, The Guardian interviewed Kathryn Bolkovac, a whistleblower who outlined abuses committed by U.N. peacekeepers from the U.N. mission to Bosnia. The allegations included revelations that U.N. peacekeepers had abused underage victims in brothels and were also helping to facilitate sex trafficking, torture and rape committed by organized crime groups in the Balkans. In some cases, U.N. personnel themselves were buying and selling girls around Bosnia.

Bolkovac joined the mission after signing up with Dyncorp, a private military contractor who had supplied the U.N. with manpower for the mission. In the aftermath of her revelations of these crimes, Bolkovac was fired by Dyncorp, who claimed she had filed erroneous time-sheets despite a ruling by a British employment tribunal in 2002 to the contrary.

III. UNICEF Child Pornography Scandal

On June 1987, the New York Times reported that the Belgian headquarters of UNICEF was discovered to have been used to produce and store child pornography. The secret photographic studio was located in the basement of the Brussels building where the committee’s offices were housed. Belgian police reported that the studio was being used to take pornographic photographs of children, many of whom were of North African origin. Belgian police said more than 1,000 such photographs were seized, along with a mailing list of some 400 names in 15 European countries that had been prepared on the UNICEF office computer. A 45 year old UNICEF employee was arrested after police said he was hosting evening computer classes for children in the organization’s offices and making them pose for pornographic photographs. Police also discovered cowboy outfits and costumes which they stated were being used to stage sex games with minors.

Report from the Daily Mirror on the scandal, 20th June 1987

Numerous individuals from multiple European countries were charged in connection with the discovery, including Jos Verbeek, the director of UNICEF in Belgium. The scandal led to 14 arrests in Belgium and others in Switzerland, France and Britain. The Guardian reported that former British Justice Ministry official Phillippe Carpentier was one of the individuals arrested in the United Kingdom, along with what it termed “a close associate, a top government official working on highly sensitive anti-terrorist legislation.”

Report from the Daily Express, 26th January 1988

It was reported at the time that UNICEF’s Belgian committee was linked to a criminal organization producing pornographic photographs of children and distributing them throughout Europe, and that the cell was thought to have ties to similar organizations in the United States and Japan. Images previously found during law enforcement operations in several other European countries appeared to have been taken in the UNICEF office in Brussels, according to investigators. Belgian police also raided the Research and Information Centre on Childhood and Sexuality, which had been founded four years earlier and had additional branches in Switzerland and France. …

DTaP Smallpox, Polio Vaccines Contaminated with Pig Virus

The FDA is at it again – burying evidence of massive fraud and dangerous excipients used in US “FDA-approved” vaccines. Have no doubts, the FDA is just as corrupt as the CDC. A few years ago, more than 13,000 pigs died within a matter of weeks along the Huangpu River that flows through Shanghai, China. One prime suspected cause of death was the porcine circovirus (PCV). Samples taken from the dead pigs tested positive for the deadly infection, which is a common ingredient in the Rotarix and RotaTeq Rotavirus vaccines injected into tens of millions US children. Sounds crazy, right? The inventor who got rich off the Rotarix vaccine is the infamous Dr. Paul Offit, who auspiciously promotes his own toxic jabs using CDC propaganda.

Though there are zero clinical tests proving that circovirus type 1 and 2 (PCV1 and PCV2) are safe when injected into humans, but the FDA and the pro-vax schemer Paul Offit claim it’s safe to inject this deadly porcine virus into muscle tissue of children, babies and of course pregnant women. Is there any wonder why the side effects and serious adverse events that occur after injecting deadly pig viruses include compromised immune systems, intussusception (tangled intestines), shedding and transmission (spreading the virus to other humans), bronchiolitis, gastroenteritis, pneumonia and urinary tract infection. It tells you right on the RotaTeq vaccine insert sheet that infection can cause fever, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of body fluids, hospitalization and even death in some children. Well, no wonder! Look what’s in the vaccine.

Let’s dig deeper into this vaccine ingredient linked to pig carcasses turning up by the thousands in Shanghai, China

Porcine circovirus types 1 and 2 have been in the news several times as a serious threat to public health. In May of 2010, the FDA temporarily suspended the use of GlaxoSmithKline’s (GSK) rotavirus vaccine “Rotarix” because DNA from circovirus PCV1 was found in the vaccine; however, Merck’s RotaTeq jab, which contains DNA fragments from circovirus PCV2, was not suspended. Go figure.

Meanwhile, the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) called for the complete elimination of pig virus DNA in vaccines. NVIC asked GSK to eliminate PCV1 DNA from Rotarix, and told Merck to recall all vaccines containing PCV2 DNA fragments, because PCV2 is “an aggressive virus that causes immune suppression, wasting disease and death in baby pigs.” Evidence that it is safe (and not deadly) for children to swallow pig virus in live oral rotavirus vaccines is still missing! …

The CDC Fugitive Felon Who Faked Vaccine Research

If you don’t know the story of Poul Thorsen, CDC vaccine researcher, fraudster, con artist and international fugitive from justice, you don’t know the real story about the CDC at all. (And the vaccine industry hopes you never find out…)

The best book on this subject is called Master Manipulator – The Explosive True Story of Fraud Embezzlement and Government Betrayal at the CDC by James Ottar Grundvig. You can find the book at this Barnes & Noble link.

The book features a foreward by famed investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson and an introduction by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. from the World Mercury Project.

I strongly urge you to get this book. also has it available in hardcover or kindle editions.

Every member of Congress should be required to read this book. It’s that explosive. It tells the shocking but true story of deep corruption and criminality inside the CDC… a story the entire corporate-run media (CNN, NYT, WashPo etc.) deliberately covers up to deceive the American public.

Here, I’m reprinting the Foreward and Introduction to give you a taste of what you’ll find in the book. What you’re about to read here will astonish and anger you because it pulls back the veil on a criminal cabal known as the CDC that’s engaged in a felony racketeering operation that should be investigated under RICO Act laws.

Read on and decide for yourself… (if you cite any of the text below, be sure to give credit to the book called “Master Manipulator” by James Ottar Grundvig).


Today fraudulent research and corruption are sadly becoming more commonplace. The case of Poul Thorsen, for example, stands out in terms of shameless audacity—stealing grant money meant for autism research. His actions only add to the questions of alleged corruption surrounding the Danish Studies designed to erase any association between vaccines and autism, sponsored by the world’s premier public health agency: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

One might expect fraud and corruption in government, but many Americans will be surprised to hear of it inside the CDC, the same agency that fumbled the arrival of Ebola virus on US shores in 2014. The fact that the CDC would contract with the likes of Dr. Thorsen on crucial research of vaccines and autism, and never consider setting aside his findings after his twenty-two-count criminal indictment, speaks to the waning credibility of the world’s premiere public health agency. …

Epidemic of Mysterious Virus Which Attacks Intelligence

Scientists at Johns Hopkins Medical School have identified a mysterious virus that literally makes people stupid, and it has so far been found in about 45% of the people tested.

The discovery of the “stupid” virus, normally found in algae, was revealed at the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The study, entitled “Chlorovirus ATCV-1 is part of the human oropharyngeal virome and is associated with changes in cognitive functions in humans and mice” is found at this link on the website.

The rather shocking take away from the study is that the virus alters the gene expression of brain cells, literally making people perform more poorly on cognitive tests, visual processing and spatial awareness.

So far, 90 people have been tested for the presence of the virus, and 40 tested positive, according to The Independent. [2] “Those who tested positive performed worse on tests designed to measure the speed and accuracy of visual processing. They also achieved lower scores in tasks designed to measure attention,” reports the paper.

According to the study abstract, the virus alters gene expression relating to “…synaptic plasticity, learning, memory formation, and the immune response to viral exposure.”

This virus, in other words, can truly suppress your brain function, memories and immune response. And it is apparently quite common in humans. ….

Vaccines targeting brain function have been studied for some time:

Autistic Science: Pentagon Behavior Modification Vaccine

The Money in Circumcision


When they say it’s not the money…
…it’s the money.

The role of money in the continuation of circumcision


If you want to see what motivates a doctor to circumcise perfectly healthy baby boys … just look in his driveway.


– Anonymous

“I have some good friends who are obstetricians outside the military, and they look at a foreskin and almost see a $125 price tag on it. Each one is that much money. Heck, if you do 10 a week, that’s over $1,000 a week, and they don’t take that much time.”

– Dr.Thomas Wiswell
quoted in the Boston Globe
June 22, 1987

Infant circumcision in the US is largely covered by health insurance. It declined rapidly in the UK after the National Health Service was set up in 1947, and doctors delivering babies were no longer able to charge extra for doing it.

A study by Leibowitz et al. showed that the circumcision rate falls where it is not covered by Medicaid:


Graph - circumcision rate falls where not covered by Medicaid
Predicted neonatal male circumcision rates as a function of Medicaid coverage of circumcision and the percentage of male newborns in hospital for whom Medicaid is their primary payer: Nationwide Inpatient Sample, 2004.


The International Coalition for Genital Integrity’s
Medicaid Project
has prepared a report
outlining the true costs of circumcision. 

The International Coalition for Genital Integrity’s Medicaid Project surveyed all US states in 1999, and was able to account for 181,292 circumcisions costing a total of $20,255,217. According to HCIA-Sachs, Medicaid funded a total of 310,403 circumcisions, implying a total cost to the US taxpayer approaching $35,000,000.

Intactivists commonly claim that greedy doctors promote infant circumcision for purely financial reasons. There is clear evidence for this. The same survey found that where Medicaid paid more than $US60, circumcision was nearly twice as likely as where it paid less than $US50….$$$.html