Big Brother as Mother and Father

Women could be forced to sign up to US military draft by 2018

Women might be forced to sign up with the US military draft by 1 January 2018 if government approves a new proposal from the armed services committee, moving one step closer to ensuring both genders would be subject to serve during war.

“Because the Department of Defense has lifted the ban on women serving in ground combat units, the committee believes there is no further justification in limiting the duty to register under the Military Selective Service Act to men,” the bill summary read.

“Furthermore, each uniformed chief of the services testified to their personal support of including women in the requirement to register for selective service.” …

Permanent Govt Pushing for End to Stay-at-home Moms

A recipe for atomizing families and incorporating them into the state.   Men were stolen by the state centuries ago.   Children are nearly state property already.  Now it’s women’s turn to “serve”.   All in the name of “helping” people cope with the consequences of the existence of states and their associated pathologies (such as rockefeller medicine)  to begin with.  This is the irony of emergent life: the prey is dissociated and incorporated into the predator, becoming an accomplice to the killing of its own kind.  As long as people abandon their own families in a search for freedom and security, they will have neither.

The natural question is: what power controls virtually all states?   How do states function?  Money is the lifeblood of all states, and who controls the money?  The luciferian central banking cartel.  Debt-money is the blood of the body of lucifer (metaphorically speaking).

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