The Central Dogma of Conventional Medicine

According to which, for instance, you can eat all manner of random petrochemicals that are custom designed to look, smell or taste like food, you can be injected with any  number of bio and chemical hazards, you can be fed liquid junk food with added aluminum as a baby and sit in front of a TV or a computer all day as an adult, and if you have chronic disease or early death it’s because you have inferior genes.

How do poisons work?  At a molecular level a poison looks superficially like a nutrient that the body can use, but when it attempts to incorporate it into metabolic processes it gums up the works.    That’s how nerve gas works, like junk food at a molecular level.  There is an entire industry devoted to manufacturing random chemicals which superficially mimic food but which are not food.   And people eat these chemicals and expect to remain healthy.  And medicine sees no humor in this.  Only dollars, apparently.

Ever eat at a hospital cafeteria?   No wonder doctors are among the sickest people on the planet.    It’s not even eugenics, it’s slow mass murder.    And that doesn’t even count the errors:

And by the way, did you know you can amputate the most erogenous part of the penis and its gentle gliding action without impacting future marital stability?   Or that “chemical imbalances” are to blame for people’s self perception of powerlessness and alienation in this utopian paradise that we live in?

How could anyone take these rocket scientists seriously?

Anyway, here’s an additional layer of real science that the medical establishment has yet to hear about.