Permanent Govt Pushing for End to Stay-at-home Moms

The stealth of the luciferian machine stems from their infinite patience and infinite money, always operating in the background.  You’ll seldom see any of them pushing this kind of social domineering in public.  Instead, they create endowed chairs with strings attached at prestigious universities or arrange for certain reporters to be hired or fired.  Over time, the ideas that their chosen orifices persistently vent are soaked up almost unconsciously by the society.

Studies have shown that unopposed, persistent minorities become increasingly accepted over time.  The “overton window” is continually being shifted toward maximum exploitation and maximum centralization.   You can see the effectiveness of such techniques in the near-universal silence among mainstream economists about the fundamental crookedness of the banking laws, which allows banks to create money out of nothing and charge interest on it.

In the present case, a completely lunatic proposition that all women with school-aged children should be forced into the workplace will no doubt become increasingly  accepted, especially after the economy is caused to implode and a case is made that the workplace needs all hands on deck to combat poverty.   Or maybe a new war will be arranged and it will be in the name of national defense.  When all we really need for real national defense is to adopt the American Monetary Act ( )

First they wreck familial bonds via circumcision and obstetrical abuse, then they market 2-worker families as women’s liberation (are families twice as wealthy now?), and now they’re talking about using the force of law to finish the job.  Do children need and deserve to have at least one full-time parent until they reach adulthood?  Does a mother’s role in her children’s lives end after the final push?

Next the kids will be forced to do “their patriotic duty” too.  Cuz the state sanctioned counterfeiters (bankers) need more property.

There’s a word for this steady rise of poverty, desperation and social degradation: slavery.

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… It’s the topic of stay-at-home mums. More specifically, the release of any data or analysis that dares recommend Australian women should get out of the living room/kitchen/nursery and back into the workforce.

So the outcry has been predictable in the wake of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) recent report which had the audacity to suggest stay-at-home mums would be better off putting their skills to use in paid employment.

“One of the areas of greatest untapped potential in the Australian labour force is inactive and/or part-time working women, especially those with children,’’ concluded the landmark study. “There are potentially large losses to the economy when women stay at home or work short part-time hours.’’

Right on cue, hysteria ensued, with commentators from coast to coast howling in indignation at the very idea that the uppity OECD would insinuate Australia might have a tiny bit of a problem with our female workforce participation rates. …


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