Wikileaks: CIA’s Marble Tool: Framework for Cyber False Flags

WikiLeaks’ latest batch of documents, named ‘Marble’, details CIA hacking tactics and how they can hamper forensic investigators from attributing viruses, trojans and hacking attacks to the spy agency . The tool was in use as recently as 2016.

The third release, which contains 676 source code files for the agency’s secret anti-forensics framework, is part of the CIA’s Core Library of malware, according to a statement from WikiLeaks….

WikiLeaks said Marble hides fragments of texts that would allow for the author of the malware to be identified, meaning the agency allows another party to be blamed for the hack.

A Marble framework document reveals it supports the ability to “add foreign languages” to malware. “Now comes the fun stuff,” it reads, listing Chinese, Russian, Korean, Arabic and Farsi in example code, indicating the potential for the CIA to divert attention to international actors. …

Pedophiles OK, Alex Jones not OK with

‘Veterans for Child Rescue’: Ex-Navy Seal Launches Operation to Expose Pedophiles

Update: The crowd-funding site YouCaring shut down Mr. Sawyer’s donation page following his appearance on the Alex Jones Show Friday and within 30 minutes of the publication of this article.

A YouCaring representative told Infowars the page was terminated for violating the site’s “terms of service,” though they would not identify the specific issue.

The page was terminated just as Infowars had donated $10,000 to the fund.

Stay tuned to this page for a new location to send funds.

Original story continues below…

Veterans from various US military branches are uniting to save children from sex trafficking pedophile rings.

Former Navy Seal Craig Sawyer has launched a national non-profit organization which aims to expose child trafficking across the nation and save children from torture.

“These rings include members from every level of our society and involve unthinkable trauma inflicted upon innocent babies and children – the soul of our nation,” states.

The group will collect data and information from federal and local law enforcement sources to expose the biggest names, families and foundations that take part in the ritualistic abuse of children.

Sawyer’s group is composed of a VIPR Team (Veterans Investigating Pedophile Rings), with participating members hailing from different military branches and intelligence agencies, including Military Special Operations and members of the CIA, TSA, FBI, NSA, MI6 and more.

Veterans for Child Rescue also plans to produce a television documentary-series with the goal of exposing the child sex trafficking epidemic to a wider audience.

“Until now, pedophiles have enjoyed a counter-productive level of privacy from the media. That puts more children at risk,” a crowd-funding page for the organization states.

“Together, we can work with federal and local law enforcement to help arrest these predators and liberate the child victims.”

You can donate to at their YouCaring page: (page no longer active)

See cuz Alex Jones says stuff that the “respectable” media claims is conspiracy theory.  You know, like the fact that the real government has funded, trained, equipped and deployed islamic crazies across the middle east for decades trying to prop up the petrodollar since it’s one of the few remaining props to the zombie US economy, which was systematically gutted and bled out under the watchful eyes and closed mouths of the very same respectable media.  See how that works?

At this point in time I think it’s reasonable to wonder whether ANYONE in a position of power or wealth in this society is not a satanic pedophile.    I’m starting to doubt it.

Old ABC Report on CIA Mind Control Program

They don’t practice journalism like this any more.   But ultimately a whitewash.   Still, in those days hardy anyone knew about the trauma-based mind control the CIA infliected on children.  The true story of Frank Olsen’s murder hadn’t yet been discovered.  And CIA director William Colby hadn’t yet been murdered for helping his friend John DeCamp expose the Franklin Scandal.