Censored: Ben Franklin on the Real Cause of the American Revolution

Cliff notes version: the “national debt” is a magicians trick based on the hoax of “fractional reserve” (i.e. fictional reserve) banking.   We have the legal, moral and technical means to painlessly eliminate it.  See below.

The colonies would gladly have borne the little tax on tea and other matters had it not been that England took away from the colonies their money, which created unemployment and dissatisfaction. The inability of colonists to get power to issue their own money permanently out of the hands of George III and the international bankers was the prime reason for the Revolutionary War.

— Benjamin Franklin, quoted in “National Economy and the Banking System of the United States” by Robert Lantham Owen 1939

What did Ben Franklin and the rest of the founders know and why was it censored from history?  How is it the key not just to economic prosperity, but to actual human liberation never before seen on this planet?   Find out at http://monetary.org/  But sit down with a stiff drink first.  When you understand the magnitude of the fraud and theft and outright evil which has occurred under our current banking and monetary regime, and begin to grasp the level and pervasiveness of corruption throughout this country, from the government to the media to the universities, you might want to move elsewhere.  But virtually all countries are laboring under the same invisible masters, the satanic shareholders of the central banking cartel, who are running the biggest scam the world has ever seen.

The central banks’ business model consists of charging interest payments on fraudulent “sovereign” debt ($400B+ per year from the US alone), maintaining an inflation gradient, imposing business cycles like the Great Ripoff of the ’30s (in which 7 million people died of starvation in the US alone), presiding over the pyramidal wealth extraction and concentration process resulting from the continual creation and destruction of loan principal by the banking system, and cultivating continual wars as they profit from the government debt generated by both sides.  They are the true Masters of War.

Notable quote: Charles Lindbergh Sr. on the Creation of the Federal Reserve

Milton Friedman on the Origins of the Great Ripoff

The American Monetary Act, which you can find at the above site, provides an elegant solution to the problem.  If it is passed, it would complete the project which was started in 1776.   The fraudulent “national debt” would disappear overnight without disturbing the treasury market, simply by forcing banks to do what most people think they already do: act as clearing houses between savers and borrowers.   Business cycles would virtually disappear, the profits from war would be vastly diminished, the satanic overlords would lose much of the funding for their NWO project, and this country would experience a level of prosperity which it has never seen before in its history.   Simply by introducing the concept of honesty into the banking laws.

If the AMA or something like it is not passed, the future is too dark to contemplate.  There is no more important issue facing this country.   Let me repeat: NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT.   Let that sink in.   Educate yourself and be part of the solution.

Thomas Edison and Henry Ford knew about it:


The IMF pretended to rediscover it:

IMF’s (!) epic plan to conjure away debt and dethrone bankers

Fox news let it slip out:

Fox Fired Glenn Beck After He Exposed the Federal Reserve

Mind control: Unpaid Rents Loom over Struggling Retailers

This first video advocates going back to a gold standard, and this would address some of the problem.  But who has the gold?  The above site’s approach is much fairer, more democratic and more flexible, but probably only applicable to the domestic economy.  Gold would probably still be needed for international transactions, at least unless a fair reserve standard could be established.  But this gives a good overview of how the present system works.

The biggest scam in the history of mankind – hidden secrets of money

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The money masters.  The History of Money.  DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO, IT KEEPS DISAPPEARING.

The above video can be purchased at:


Why do we need to fundamentally re-think Money

Obstetrical Abuse, Circumcision and Psychiatry: A Profitable Collaboration

The intensity of the demands of the occasional woman who is fanatic in her zeal for ‘natural childbirth’… and her uncompromising attitude on the subject are danger signals, frequently indicating severe psychopathology…. A patient of this sort is not a candidate for natural childbirth, and requires close and constant psychiatric support.

— Medical, Surgical and Gynecological Complications of Pregnancy; Staff of Mount Sinai Hospital; Williams and Wilkins, publishers; 1960

The road from obstetrical abuse to post-partum and childhood “depression”:  http://members.tranquility.net/~rwinkel/MGM/birthUSA3.html

The road from MGM to “pediatric psychiatry”: http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2014/06/cia-mind-control-project-financed-circumcision-psychological-research/

Often leading to more satanic abuse: http://www.ect.org/?p=693  http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2011/04/burstow-on-shock-as-violence-against-women/ https://web.archive.org/web/20170219054702/http://www.stopshrinks.org/winkel/2nader080100.htm

All I did was have a baby and look what they did to me. But if I did something really bad, what would they do to me then? So you be very very careful.  — Connie Neal, psychiatric and obstetrical survivor, as reported by Bonnie Burstow on Thought Crime Radio, http://members.tranquility.net/~rwinkel/janel/TCR110411.mp3

Bottle feeding simulates child loss: Postpartum depression and evolutionary medicine


Cruelty in Maternity Wards: Fifty Years Later


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Medical psychopaths research money costs of pre-term induced miscarriage

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Success: IQ now dropping by 7 points with each new generation

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The War on Empathy, Love and Family

Cruelty in Maternity Wards: Fifty Years Later


Fifty years have passed since a scandal broke over inhumane treatment of laboring women in U.S. hospitals, yet first-person and eyewitness reports document that medical care providers continue to subject childbearing women to verbal and physical abuse and even to what would constitute sexual assault in any other context. Women frequently are denied their right to make informed decisions about care and may be punished for attempting to assert their right to refusal. Mistreatment is not uncommon and persists because of factors inherent to hospital social culture. Concerted action on the part of all stakeholders will be required to bring about systemic reform.

Keywords: abuse of childbearing women, dysfunctional hospital social systems, patient safety, post-traumatic stress disorder

Cruelty in Maternity Wards” was the title of a shocking article published just over 50 years ago in Ladies’ Home Journal in which nurses and women told stories of inhumane treatment in labor and delivery wards during childbirth (Schultz, 1958). Stories included women being strapped down for hours in the lithotomy position, a woman having her legs tied together to prevent birth while her obstetrician had dinner, women being struck and threatened with the possibility of giving birth to a dead or brain damaged baby for crying out in pain, and a doctor cutting and suturing episiotomies without anesthetic (he had once nearly lost a patient to an overdose) while having the nurse stifle the woman’s cries with a mask.

The article shook the country and triggered a tsunami of childbirth reform that included the founding of the American Society for Psychoprophylaxis in Obstetrics, now known as Lamaze International. Nonetheless, as Susan Hodges (2009) recently noted in her guest editorial published in The Journal of Perinatal Education, despite enormous differences in labor and delivery management, decades later, inhumane treatment remains distressingly common. American childbearing women still suffer mistreatment at the hands of care providers, ranging from failure to provide supportive care to disrespect and insensitivity to denial of women’s right to make informed decisions to common use of harmful medical interventions to outright verbal, physical, and even sexual assault. Furthermore, the more extreme examples are not aberrations but merely the far end of the spectrum. Abuse, moreover, results from factors inherent to the system, which increases the difficulties of implementing reforms.


According to domesticviolence.org (an online resource devoted to helping individuals recognize, address, and prevent domestic violence), domestic violence and emotional abuse encompass “name-calling or putdowns,” “keeping a partner from contacting their family or friends,” “actual or threatened physical harm,” “intimidation,” and “sexual assault” (“Domestic Violence Definition,” 2009, para. 2). In all cases, the intent is to gain power over and control the victim. One could add that perpetrators, obstetric staff or otherwise, feel entitled to exert this control on grounds of the victim’s inferior position vis-a-vis the perpetrator as the following illustrate: …”

— J Perinat Educ. 2010 Summer; 19(3): 33-42. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2920649

The War on Empathy, Love and Family

Sesame Street Social Domineers Normalizing Vaccine Damage

Well gee since our self-adulating medical “authorities” don’t have a clue wtf is going on with the kids maybe they could at least have a minimal dose of humility, admit their worthlessness and gtf out of the way so clueless parents will at least stop basing their decisions on organized ignorance.

I’m not talking about the CDC here. I’m talking about regular family doctors. Do you have no decency at all? People are being hurt. Ever hear of the precautionary principle? Will you do the job you’ve been hired to do or not?

Former NIH Director Healy: Govt directive: Do Not Pursue Vaccine Vulnerability Research

Biomarker for autism vulnerability still ignored in medical industry

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