Satanism, Mind Control and the “False Memory” Scam

… Given that there actually are a number of very well-known and widely-used drugs that can actually erase the memory quite efficiently if administered by an abuser to a victim, from scopolamine to Rohypnol to benzodiazepenes to simple alcohol, one really has to wonder why the False Memory Syndrome Foundation- ostensibly an advocacy group for people accused of abuse- is packed to the rafters with mind control experts.

Here’s a small sampling:

Martin Orne:  Member of Scientific Advisory Board of the FMSF, has been at the center of the creation of a Manchurian candidate, has worked with Navy Intelligence, Air Force Intelligence, the Human Ecology Foundation (a major CIA funding front for MKULTRA), and almost certainly also the NSA and Army Intelligence.

Michael Persinger: 
Clinical neurophysicist and professor of neuroscience, whose work over the years has focused on the effects of electromagnetic fields upon biological organisms and human behavior.

Harold Lief: Former major in the Army medical corps. Close colleague of the co-FMSF board member Dr. Martin Orne and consulted with him on several studies in hypnotic programming and behavioral modification experiments at the University of Pennsylvania.

Louis Jolyon West: CIA and military contractor, and an expert on multiple personality and other things… history includes controversial LSD experiments for the Central Intelligence Agency and even more controversial plans to construct secret installations for the “study” and modification — by electric shock, chemical castration and other means — of the behavior of citizens, particularly minorities.

Margaret T. Singer: She began to study brainwashing in the 1950s at Walter Reed Institute of Research in Washington, D. C., where she interviewed U.S. soldiers who had been taken prisoner during the Korean War. She came to Berkeley in 1958 and found herself in a prime spot to study the cult scene of the 1960s and 1970s.

Elizabeth Loftus: (In) November 1995 two separate ethics complaints had been filled with the APA against Loftus. Jennifer Hoult and Lynn Crook had recovered memories of severe childhood sexual abuse, found corroborating evidence, sued their fathers, and won. Hoult’s father, who was defended by Loftus, appealed the case as far as possible, losing each time. Jennifer was awarded $500,000 in damages… Jennifer’s father became an active member of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation after the trial.

Press darling Loftus* has also testified at the trials of convicted murderers like Ted Bundy and the Hillside Strangler, as well as serial molester Father Paul Shanley.

On their behalf.

Think about it for a minute; what could any of these people’s interest possibly be in the topic of false memory when their speciality was in the chemical and electronic manipulation of the human brain?