Video: Gray State: Probably a Psyop

As you watch these, remember: Destabilization is the banksters’ primary tool of  exerting social control of existing colonized cultures such as the USA.   The weakening or prevention of the spontaneous formation of grassroots social structures is what circumcision, obstetrical abuse and “baby formula” is all about.  ( )

The same principle applies to chaos.   It is used to completely overthrow societies and cultures, as is now happening in europe and has been happening in the middle east.   It seems puppeteered islam is fulfilling this role perfectly.  The next major step will certainly be an economic crisis.  It’s hard to see how it can be prevented.  Time to pry your eyes away from your TV and meet your neighbors.

BTW: there is something strange about the soundtrack of the movie itself, it could well contain subliminal suggestions.  Use with caution.