Clapper the Perjurer:” We Didn’t Bug Trump Tower”

(Natural News) James Clapper, the former Director of National Intelligence – the personall 17 U.S. intelligence agencies answer to –told NBC News’ Chuck Todd on Sunday that he “can deny” there was ever any court-ordered surveillance, in direct opposition to several published accounts noting that said surveillance did take place.

We have truly entered the surreal world of the Deep State, folks.

The Child Abusing Scam of Infant Vaccination

“Do vaccines provide net benefit in the context of public health? That’s the crux of the debate always. It’s also the question I address in the big picture. let’s look at the big picture that involves infant immunity and brain function. this picture is designed to show you how I see a baby and its potential downfall. If you want your baby to have a chance to grow up to be healthy with all of its cogs functioning normally, you should make sure that nothing interferes with the immunologic programming especially during the first 3 years of life. Anything eaten, injected, breathed, for instance, which creates damage or stress, has the potential to change the DNA instruction manual of protein synthesis and lead to system malfunction. After 21 years of being a medical doctor working as a kidney specialist for part of that time, and teaching in academic institutions for part of that time, and studying the science intensively, especially over the past 4 years, and my recent years of listening to the disenfranchised parents of wounded children, it’s my conclusion that the most efficient way to destroy a life is to indiscriminately agree to use everything considered “best practice” or “gold standard” in the aggressive interventionist medical model of today, which is often based on reductionist “science”, produced by industry, and encouraged by government agencies. The medical system used to consider the first months of pregnancy developmentally vulnerable. That appears to have gone out the window, with new directives in the U.S. to vaccinate pregnant mothers with a variety of vaccines, most of which contain aluminum. So looked at from a purely biological and immunological perspective, the 3 yr pregnancy, as we call it, must be considered. “