NATO Has Begun Echoing The ‘Election Meddling Is An Act Of War’ Line

Yesterday I published an article about Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s use of the phrase “an act of war” to describe Russia’s alleged (and still completely unproven) hacking of political elites in the Democratic party last summer. The use of this phrase is most certainly cause for alarm; as we’ve discussed before, there is abundant evidence that the Democratic establishment has been working with deep state loyalists within the intelligence community to either reignite the Cold War or start a new hot war with Russia. The last time the US government started claiming to have been a victim of an act of war, it invaded two sovereign nations and began the regime-toppling, drone-bombing aggression of the so-called war on terror.

Today the phrase is being used by yet another official, this time by the top NATO officer in the United Kingdom. According toThe Independent, General Sir Adrian Bradshaw said that the “election meddling” (the term which has risen to prominent usage because it allows Russia’s alleged infraction to be expanded beyond the alleged hacking to include the circulation of “fake news” from Russian outlets such as Sputnik and Russia Today) “could be deemed an act of war and trigger the military alliance’s principle of collective defence,” which is NATO’s founding treaty that an attack on one member shall be considered an attack on all of them.

Immediately following the 9/11 attacks, long before he was dancing around on the Ellen show as the folk hero of corporate liberals that he is today, Hague fugitive George W. Bush invoked the term “an act of war” to describe acts of terrorism. The fact that America was deemed to have been on the receiving end of “an act of war” was used to justify first the endless Afghanistan invasion, then the unforgivable invasion of Iraq which violently snuffed out the lives of a million human beings, as well as a tremendous expansion of American interventionism in the Middle East and a great culling of the Constitutional rights of American citizens. The US government has never institutionalized the use of the “act of war” accusation without the intention of military retaliations. …