Trump Caves to Real Government on Russia Policy

The war party is back in power and the odds of normal relations with Russia have dropped to zero.

The appointment of Army Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster to the position of national security adviser indicates that Trump has done an about-face on his most critical foreign policy issue, normalizing relations with Russia. General Michael Flynn– who recently stepped down from the post following allegations of lying to Vice President Mike Pence –was the main proponent of easing tensions with Moscow which is a position that had been enthusiastically embraced by President Donald Trump. But McMaster does not support normalizing relations with Russia, in fact,  McMaster sees Russia as a “hostile revisionist power” that “annex(es) territory, intimidates our allies, develops nuclear weapons, and uses proxies under the cover of modernized conventional militaries.” So, what’s going on? Why has Trump put a Moscow-hating hawk like McMaster in a position where he’ll be able to intensify the pressure on Russia, increase the provocations and, very likely, trigger a conflagration between the two nuclear-armed superpowers?

The appointment of McMaster is an attempt by Trump to placate his enemies in the Intel agencies and foreign policy establishment. Trump is signaling to his adversaries that he will cooperate in carrying out their strategic agenda provided they allow him to finish his term. Trump doesn’t want to end up like Flynn nor does he want to do battle with the all-powerful deep state operatives who can launch one demeaning propaganda blitz after the other followed by years of excruciating investigations leading inevitably to a lengthy and humiliating impeachment that leaves Trump a broken, discredited shambles. That’s not how Trump wants to end his career in politics. He wants to end it on a high note, riding a wave of burgeoning affection and love.

That’s why he picked McMaster. The neocons love him, the liberal interventionists love him, the media loves him and the entire political establishment loves him.  Everyone loves him. He’s the “warrior-scholar” who ‘speaks truth to power’ and writes futuristic books on ‘generation warfare’, ‘information superiority’ and ‘predictive battlespace awareness’ all of which delight his devoted admirers. The downside of McMaster is that he is a hard-boiled militarist with a driving animus towards Russia. Judging by his writing on the topic, I would expect a broader and more lethal conflict to flare up in either Syria or Ukraine as soon as he gets settled in his new job….

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Democratic Establishment Is Trying To Start A War With Russia

Hillary Clinton was actively trying to start a hot war with Russia. Anyone who says she wasn’t is either delusional or lying. She was promising to set up a no-fly zone in Syria, knowing (as testified by top military officials) that this would necessarily entail shooting down Russian military planes and starting a war with Russia. She also openly pledged “military responses” to the alleged (and still unproven) Russian “cyber attacks”, another act of war. This woman, who already had an extensive history of actively pushing for disastrous acts of military intervention seemingly at every opportunity, campaigned on this language. I’m no Trump supporter, but I must admit I breathed a sigh of relief when she failed to win the election, saying, “Ahh, well at least that Russia nonsense is over and done with.”

I was horrifyingly wrong. The corporate media and the US intelligence community, both of which are considered major components of the deep state power institution, began working together to keep cranking up the heat on the Russia hysteria higher and higher through “anonymous sources” providing information to deeply pro-establishment outlets like the CIA-fundedWashington Post. If anyone in the Trump transition team did anything that looked even remotely friendly toward Russia, the corporate media would squeal and ring alarm bells for days. When they started keeping their acts of Russian diplomacy a secret, the intelligence community leaked it to the corporate media, who then started babbling about treason charges under something called the Logan Act, an obscure piece of legislation that has literally never once been used to prosecute anyone despite having existed for hundreds of years.

They babbled about “election hacking,” a blatant psy-op which as of December had deceived half of all Hillary voters into believing that Russia had actually tampered with election machines. They babbled about Crimea, despite its annexation (which the Crimean people overwhelmingly favored) having happened in 2014. They babble about Trump “selling America out” to Putin, without ever explaining what that means or what it would look like. They advanced thousands of troops toward Russia’s border and then started babbling about blackmail and urinating Russian prostitutes, saying that if Trump withdraws the troops after inauguration then it proves he’s being blackmailed. They don’t explain what amassing troops at Russia’s border has to do with “election hacking,” but Americans are so twisted up, down and all around with the constant psychological pummeling of McCarthyism and Russia fearmongering that they don’t even bother to ask what’s up with that.

The push toward war never even lost momentum after Clinton’s loss. For whatever reason (theories abound), the deep state is clearly trying to escalate tensions with Russia, and the Democratic establishment (along with their neocon buddy John McCain and his sidekick Lindsey) is helping them do it. They’re either working with the deep state to try and force the President’s hand or trying to keep things as tense and escalated as possible until they can regain power and do it themselves, but they’re definitely pushing for escalations into either a cold war or a hot one. …

Hillary Clinton and CIA Were Prepared to use False Flag to Start a WAR With Russia