Pedocracy pulling out all stops to muddy the waters

Fake news website The Underground Report” published an article on february 21st 2017 titled: “WIKILEAKS: OBAMA RAN PEDOPHILE RING OUT OF WHITEHOUSE”

The article opens:

Julian Assange unveiled another bombshell Sunday evening, alleging that wikileaks now has hard proof that former President, Barack Hussein Obama, operated and participated in a pedophile ring based in the white house.

A leaked email released today read,

“A young boy the age of 5. He will make the perfect catamite for the president. He will arrive from Romania on Tuesday. I’m sure the president will be pleased.”

This is obviously fake news: neither Julian Assange nor Wikileaks have written anything about this on their Twitter accounts or on the official Wikileaks website. A search for the phrase “He will make the perfect catamite for the president” among the leaked emails on Wikileaks returns no results. If it had been true you would expect them to be pulling out all the stops in order to spread the news far and wide as it would be the scoop of the century.

What you wouldn’t expect them to do is to reveal the news only to an obscure website that has only existed for one day. And the website only exists since yesterday, as evidenced by WHOIS records:…

USA: A Shooting Gallery

DHS supplier responds to outrage over “no hesitation” targets which include children

Paul Joseph Watson
February 20, 2013

Law Enforcement Targets, Inc., a provider of shooting targets to the Department of Homeland Security, has admitted that targets depicting pregnant women were “requested” by law enforcement agencies. …

The representative refused to answer why police would be interested in training to shoot pregnant women, but went on to explain, “unfortunately our world is made up of people, pregnant or otherwise, that are gun owners not for the right reasons,” adding that the targets were to “train police officers”.

The woman refused to give her name, accusing Cooper of being “angry.” “Could you understand why I’m upset if the government is trying to make targets to kill citizens – I don’t feel that’s right,” he responded.

Cooper also makes reference to the DHS’ purchase of 2 billion bullets, “enough rounds to kill every citizen of the United States five times over.”

Responding to a letter from Sen. Tom Coburn, the Department of Homeland Security — an agency that has no business being armed in the first place — says it’s buying billions of rounds of ammunition in order to “significantly lower costs.”

It’s all about saving money, you see. DHS isn’t arming up in anticipation of a shooting war on the streets of America, and it’s not buying thousands of armored assault vehicles for that purpose either. No, DHS is only buying all this ammo to save you money!

This response by DHS, of course, is an obvious lie. Why? Because a significant portion of the bullet purchases specify hollow point rounds. In case you didn’t know, hollow points are significantly MORE expensive than “ball” ammo (FMJ). Under the Geneva convention, hollow points are illegal to use in war because they cause far greater tissue damage, too. So they can only be used domestically, inside the United States in a civil action, not an international war.

If DHS really wanted to “significantly lower costs” on ammunition, it would have purchased FMJ rounds (full metal jacket), not hollow points. But in April of 2012, ammunition manufacturer ATK announced it had been awarded a DHS purchase contract for 450 million rounds of hollow point .40 caliber ammo. That’s almost half a billion rounds right there, and they’re all hollow point rounds. …

The USA’s Ongoing False Flag Regime in Iraq

This happened in Baghdad in October 2016.    It appears to be a video of a local TV broadcast exposing the staged nature of a car bombing.

Perhaps the masters of war have lost control of the narrative among the iraqi’s, in which case this event was staged for the benefit of western viewers, who after all are footing the bill.

Just keep watching CNN and MSNBC and eventually the brain rot will help you avoid uncomfortable questions about this “demoncracy” we live under.